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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Super Lemon Haze strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

Legalization has led to quite the increase and accessibility of cannabis and cannabis-related products. In this article, we will discuss the Sunshine Strain, a relatively new strain that gained a huge boost in popularity after the legalization of marijuana in Canada and parts of the United States.

What is the Origin of the Sunshine Strain?

The Sunshine Strain was made by Canadian breeders and was intended to give you crystal focus and clarity for creative endeavors. This group of breeders, known as the Peace Naturals Project, focuses on therapeutic strains and are most well-known for also making THC-based oils and creams. The parent breeds of this hybrid were Chemdawg 4, a citrusy indica-dominant hybrid, and Sunshine Daydream, another indica-based hybrid with a complex fruity-diesel flavour.

Sunshine History

There is speculation as to the accuracy of the genetic makeup of the Sunshine strain. It gets even more convoluted when you consider that if one of the parent strains is what it is believed to be, that strain has a mysterious story as well.

Chemdawg is one of the most beloved strains in the world of cannabis, but the origin there is also in question. Many people believe that it is a hybrid of OG Kush and Sour Diesel (both heavyweights in their own right). This guess is derived from the way in which Chemdawg makes you feel, as opposed to hard knowledge. However, these strains are in fact descendants of Chemdawg, so this theory doesn’t hold water. The most likely theory is that Chemdawg came from two unnamed landraces, one from Thailand and another from Nepal, but even this much is disputed. Sunshine Daydream, on the other hand, has a clearly defined lineage showing its descent from Appalachia and BubbaShine.

As for the Sunshine strain, the parent breeds are also not fully confirmed. While it is widely believed that Chemdawg and Sunshine Daydream are the parent strains, the breeders at Peace Natural Projects went out of their way to be secretive with the strain they were making.

How Is The Sunshine Strain Grown?

Sunshine is a difficult strain to grow not because of the process involved, but because getting the seeds can be difficult. Peace Natural Projects have not made the seed available to the public, so your next best bet is getting a clipping or seeds of this strain from somebody reputable and using that to start the growing process.

Most people opt to grow the Sunshine strain inside because you need to keep the temperature controlled between 70 and 80 degrees for best results. This can cause problems, as this plant grows to be very tall, so ample space is needed.

This particular strain of cannabis might require some more attention to grow that other strains. Expert growers recommend using several hygrometers set around the perimeter of your room or garden, and checking them every few hours. You should expect to have to regularly prune your Sunshine plants.

9 – 11 weeks


~8-12 ounces/square meter


(temps of 70-80 Fahrenheit required for outdoor growth)

What Does Sunshine Look Like?

The first thing that people often notice is how underwhelming this plant looks. Because of its name, you would think that it would be bursting with oranges and reds, but it is mostly a dull-looking plant (though there are moments during growing when it looks marvelous).

This plant is a plain green with a bit of a white sheen from the trichomes that cover it. There are orange and red pistils, but they are not abundant or especially brilliant. The coating of somewhat plain-looking trichomes further dulls the already dull green, making this strain look flat out drab.

Sunshine is a small, dense bud. Most buds are no bigger than a large pebble. These cling together and cluster almost like popcorn.

What Aroma Does Sunshine Have?

The underwhelming visuals will be quickly forgotten once the aroma of Sunshine gets to you. Folks who love this strain of cannabis swear by the sweetness of the fruity aroma. This plant smells of all sorts of fruity notes, most predominantly pineapple. The more you break this plant apart, the more aroma it releases.

When lit, Sunshine can give off a smell very reminiscent of lemon cleaning chemicals, akin to Pledge, which is a hint at the lineage of this strain. Sunshine also contains an herbal or floral aroma, but that is much less potent and you might struggle to pick it out over the overwhelming fruit and citrus scents.

What flavors can you expect from Sunshine?

This is a very smooth-smoking strain of cannabis. Many who use it love it because it is hard to choke yourself on its smoke. The flavours mirror the aromas except for the chemical taste, which won’t be present. Where the herbal notes really shine are on the inhale, as does the sweetness and tartness of the fruits you will taste. The exhale is orangey, smoky, and very clean. Some more nuanced palates might find a peppery spice hanging out in there as well.

What Effects can you expect from Sunshine?

The Sunshine Strain doesn’t have a wild amount of THC, but it is still a strain to be cautious of if you have a low tolerance for THC. When used, the effect takes hold immediately, and you can most obviously feel it around your eyes and in your forehead. This can be an issue for some who are more sensitive to negative feelings and have less of an ability to “ride things out.” Those who do have a low tolerance can expect paranoia and headaches, and maybe ought to steer clear of Sunshine.

Those with a decent tolerance of THC can think of this strain as an ideal morning or afternoon smoke. Because it is a sativa-dominant plant, you will find yourself alert and ready to do activities that require mental focus.

While it will possibly enhance your productivity for the day, you can also expect a boost in your mood when using this strain of cannabis. While one toke can immediately relieve some stress, you will notice through the course of the high that the soothing effect will wander down your body, slowing relaxing you in whole.

Hyper focus is one of the benefits of this strain, but there is a chance that this will just cause your mind to race. This, again, is highly likely if you are someone who has a low tolerance for THC. Whether you come to it for its uplifting focus, its fruity flavour, or its smooth smoke, Sunshine is true to its name in that it really is the perfect daytime weed.

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