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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Rockstar strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

The Rockstar strain is an award-winning cannabis strain. It clinched the second place in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup. It is one of the most celebrated and renowned strains in the cannabis industry. It owes its fame to its high THC content at about 14% and the remarkable skunky aroma associated with it.

Rockstar is an Indica dominant strain that is revered for the instant high it gives and the pleasant aroma that comes with every puff. It provides an almost sedative high experience where users report being able to maintain a high level of cerebral function. Users will sometimes use the Rockstar strain for medicinal situations that include muscle relaxation, chronic pain, inflammation as well as some cases of depression.

If you are looking for an experience that may help you to concentrate, this is not the right strain for you. Although users report experiences of great relaxation, it tends to keep you minimally mobile. Users do not report a full drowsy effect from their experiences. However, it would be best if you only consumed it in the evening when you are through with your work and only want some time to relax and enjoy yourself. The pungent aroma and high THC content will help users experience the absorption very fast. It has a strong and instant buzz that veteran smokers will love but might throw off beginners and newcomers.

The Rockstar strain has an impressive THC content of about 22% plus a CBD content of less than 1%. This is what makes it a strong strain. The dominant Indica genes also allow it to be comfortably used as medicinal marijuana that helps several ailments such as depression, inflammation, muscle spasms, loss of appetite, insomnia, etc. The high THC content is also great for the sedative qualities the strain has and its calming effect.

What is the Origin of the Rockstar Strain?

The Rockstar’s lineage can be traced back to the Rock Bud, and Sensi Star strains. Both of which are phenomenal with impressive skunk cannabis content. The Rockstar strain has two main child strains. These are the Rocklock and the Rockstar Kush strains.

The Lineage Of Rockstar

Roskstar History

The Bonguru Beans bred the Rockstar strain. They have chosen the Soma A+’s Rockbud as the maternal strain. The Rockbud strain is a blend of the Big Skunk Korean, Big Skunk, Afghan Hawaii plus Afghanistan’s landrace Indica. Bonguru then used Paradise Seeds Sensi Star to breed the mother. This is a mostly Indica strain.

How Is The Rockstar Strain Grown?

The Rockstar strains are one of the gems that do well both indoor and outdoor. It does, however, have a pungent smell that is sure to attract your nosy neighbors. If you don’t mind the smell and attention, you can grow it indoors without any problems.

There are several options for growing the Rockstar strain indoors, including hydroponics. You should choose a method that works great for you. You will have no problems harvesting a couple of ounces of this premium product. The Sea of Green method is a sure way to boost your yields and the best tip for growers.

Flowering will take between 56 and 63 days if you are growing indoors. If you have an outdoor garden, flowering should take place around mid-October. The yield depends on where you grow your Rockstar strain. Outdoors, the yield per plant is 16 ounces. The yield indoors is 8 ounces per square meter.

Lemon Skunk Cultivation Details:

56-63 days indoor or mid-October outdoors


8 ounces per square meter indoor or 16 ounces per plant outdoor


Physical Traits of the Rockstar Strain

What Does Rockstar Look Like?

The Rockstar strain has medium-sized buds that are super dense with a spade-like structure. They are olive green in color with a hint of purple hues here and there. It also has some generous covering of orange pistils that give it a distinct look. Without a doubt, the Rockstar strain is one serious looker. The buds have a thick layer of sticky trichomes that feel great to touch.

If you are a marijuana connoisseur, this is one strain you will love for its look and structure. It is one for the books.

What Aroma Does Rockstar Have?

Most people that come across the Rockstar strain for the first time are surprised by the aroma it has. It features a strong, pungent Kush-like aroma with sweet and spicy undertones. This becomes somewhat earthy the moment the buds begin to dry out. The smell is not for everyone. Some people love the pungent skunky smell, while others detest it completely. Since there is no consensus on whether the aroma is excellent or terrible, it will all boil down to your personal preference.

What flavours can you expect from Rockstar?

Rockstar has quite a similar taste to its aroma. It has a skunky taste with bits of citrus after-taste. Most people that hate the aroma end up loving the taste of the Rockstar strain. This exotic mix has a delightful and spicy taste that you can quickly grow to love.

Just like the aroma, the taste also boils down to personal preference. However, most people tend to find the taste quite good.

What Effects Can You Expect from Rockstar?

One thing you have to remember when taking the Rockstar strain is that it is a very potent strain. You wouldn’t want to hit a blunt and head off to work. This makes it an evening relaxation strain you can take alone or with a couple of friends. One of the notable things about the strain is the hard-hitting high it creates. The moment you take the strain, it creates an instant buzz that dramatically improves your focus. As the high builds up, it takes away all the tension and stress, leaving you calm and relaxed.

This is one strain that instantly makes you feel great. It eases muscle soreness and removes stress. Its Indica ancestry makes it a great medicinal tool for several ailments while also inducing a healthy appetite. If you have been struggling with your food, this is one of those strains you should find a dealer around you or grow yourself. If you overeat during the Rockstar munchies, you will get drowsy and quickly fall asleep.

Just like the usual marijuana side effects, you can expect some dry mouth and red eyes. That happens all the time with other strains. However, unlike regular marijuana, the Rockstar strain is very potent. Newbies and beginners should stay away from it. It has a strong buzz that might cause dizziness and anxiety attacks instead of making them calm and relaxed.

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