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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Pot of Gold strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

Pot of Gold is an award-winning strain of cannabis that is known for its potency and THC-laden stickiness. Here, we’ll take an in-depth look at this indica-dominant hybrid.

What is the Origin of the Pot of Gold Strain?

Pot of Gold was created by breeders from the Flying Dutchmen Seed Company in Amsterdam in the 1990s. There were several reasons for making this strain, but the pun of a name was probably an afterthought, we’re guessing after some of the product had been enjoyed. This plant was grown to be absolutely sparkling, which it is. It was also designed to be grown in small spaces, while still yielding a huge amount of product.

The Lineage Of Pot of Gold

Hindu Kush + Skunk #1= Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold History

Hindu Kush was already on the map when Skunk #1 made its way over to the Netherlands in 1985. Both are powerhouses in their own right, undergoing generations of tinkering to get what we now know as the legendary parent strains of Pot of Gold.

Hindu Kush is an original pure landrace strain made up entirely of indica found in the Hindu Mountains in between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Its most famous aspect is its richness in trichomes, which not only make it a strong smoke but also make it ideal for turning into concentrates, characteristics that came through strongly in Pot of Gold.

Skunk #1 is a more worldly cannabis, having influences from Afghanistan all the way to California. This is a more balanced plant, but is still an indica-dominant hybrid containing about 65 percent indica. Both Skunk #1 and Hindu Kush have been used to make other powerhouse strains, but Pot of Gold might be the most powerful among them.

Pot of Gold won the award for most potent at the High Times Cup in 1998, and took second place in the Cannabis Cup in 2003.

How Is The Pot of Gold Strain Grown?

While Pot of Gold isn’t recommended for beginner growers, they aren’t exactly warned to steer clear either. Pot of Gold can be a bit finicky because it requires precise temperatures and humidity. When grown outside, you should be on constant alert for changes in the weather, as these can ruin all of your hard work. It is recommended that Pot of Gold be grown inside, or somewhere like Southern California where the weather stays somewhat stable throughout the growing season. If you do grow outside, you can expect to harvest your Pot of Gold in late November.

8 – 10 weeks


~21 ounces per square meter if grown indoors

~31 ounces per plant if grown outdoors


What Does Pot of Gold Look Like?

Pot of Gold consists of compact little nuggets that look a bit like a caricature of a Christmas tree. These buds are super shiny, and would be a dazzling green if they didn’t have so many red hairs intertwined and running throughout. While these buds may not be impressive in size, they are impressive in their vibrance, truly living up to their nominal color.

What Aroma Does Pot of Gold Have?

Considering one of the parent breed of this hybrid is Skunk #1, you have to expect a good amount of skunkiness when you combust this cannabis. This will be the dominant aroma of your experience, but those familiar with the strain will be able to pick out more nuanced notes. Fruity scents pull themselves under the skunky overtones, giving Pot of Gold a very interesting mixture of aromas. Those who do not like the skunky smell won’t like this at all, but those with a palate that prefers such scents will welcome this hearty cannabis experience.

What flavors can you expect from Pot of Gold?

If the smell of Pot of Gold doesn’t agree with you, you can breathe easy knowing that there is relief once it’s smoked. The skunky aroma is oddly absent from the tasting experience, as sweet notes of fruit will jump out all over you. Notes of hash slip in, which play well with earthy qualities before you get an interesting mix of chocolate and basil flavours on the exhale. Some still have a hard time getting over the aroma, but if you are able to zero in on just the taste, it is a special experience.

What Effects can you expect from Pot of Gold?

Pot of Gold is not what some might like to call an “easy-smoking” cannabis. For this reason, it is a strain that is best used by experienced consumers, or those who at least know what they are getting themselves into. This shouldn’t be too surprising considering it won the High Times Cup for its potency back in the day, but it seems worth it to mention in case you are considering trying this strain.

What makes this strain so powerful is that it is so indica-dominant, producing almost overpowering sedative effects at high doses. While the THC levels are high, the combination of its THC content and other strain-specific effects make for a heck of an experience with this particular bud. So, what can you expect to feel? Let’s start with the negative stuff first, and then move on to more fun and exciting ordeals.

The two most negative side effects of Pot of Gold can be mitigated with a little planning, but it is still a bit more harsh than other buds. The dry mouth and dry eyes that you can get from this strain can be pretty severe, so make sure you are prepared! One interesting trick to combat dry mouth is drinking through a straw—just figured we’d give you that little nugget.

Bouts of dizziness can occur with Pot of Gold, though normally these tend to occur for those who are less experienced with using cannabis. If you are susceptible to paranoia or anxiety when smoking, we would at the very least recommend taking it really easy with this strain, and more than likely suggest that you avoid it altogether. Pot of Gold can really get in your head, and if you’re not ready for it, it can be a doozy. Of course, that can also be a great thing…

Because Pot of Gold, for those who are experienced and are comfortable with their levels of tolerance, sure is a heck of a whole lot of fun! This strain is great for the night time. It is wonderful for lazy conversations, winding down, or really introspective artistic pursuits. While Pot of Gold starts off mostly as a head high, you’ll notice it traveling down your body over the course of a few hours, relaxing and calming you. This can trigger what some call couch lock, but that is why we recommend it at night. At the end of a long day, there’s nothing wrong with being locked into the couch.

You might also find yourself with a case of the munchies after smoking Pot of Gold. This would lead perfectly into taking a nap or going to bed. Because Pot of Gold has a tendency to zap your energy, it is a wonderful strain to use before going to bed. If you still want to stay up a bit, this is a great strain for listening to music, especially if you have an environment with interesting lights and mellow vibes.

It seems that Pot of Gold lives up to its name, and fortunately, it is much easier to find than the ones guarded by leprechauns!

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