Blissco is a consumer-focused brand that is dedicated to cannabis extraction and the creation of extract derived products. Blissco provides in house extraction capabilities for all Supreme Cannabis brands and operates in an 18,000 square foot state of the art facility. The Blissco facility was built to EU GMP standards and have been extracting oils for the Canadian market since 2018. The facility hosts a state-of-the-art cannabis extraction lab with with an C02 extractor producing high quality full spectrum cannabis oils, the recent implementation of an ethanol extractor will serve the increasing demand for full spectrum CBD and THC products, by the end of 2020 the Blissco facility will have capacity to produce over 700,000 tincture bottles.


  • Extraction Lab
  • Oil Processing
  • Flower Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Grade
  • C02 and ethanol extraction
  • Vaporizer pod filling
  • Pre-Roll manufacturing
  • Built to GMP standards


Oil Bottling7,000,000 bottles per year.

General Manager | Todd McAdams

Todd McAdams joined the Supreme Cannabis Team and assumed the role as GM of BLISSCO in October 2019, Todd is a highly experienced operational professional with over 30 years of experience in food and beverages industries. Mr. McAdams previously served as General Manager to Labatts Breweries of Canada, Turning Point Brewery in British Columbia. Mr. McAdams will manage and support all areas of production, sale and distribution of Blissco products.

Exceptional Quality.

With a team dedicated to providing premium cannabis products derived from the whole plant, combined with state-of-the-art extraction equipment and EU GMP standards the Blissco facility is well positioned to continue to provide high quality cannabis products to our consumers for many years to come.


Blissco is committed to be an employer that places importance on a positive and professional work environment for all employees, priding themselves on attitude, aptitude and integrity. They place great importance on the environment and are fully committed to sourcing packaging for cannabis products that are least harmful to our environment. The Blissco teams desire to share nature with as many people is there fire to continuously produce high quality cannabis products that respect the whole plant. Whole Plant, Whole You.