Supreme Cannabis Kincardine is a 440,000 square-foot facility located in Kincardine, Ontario. It is the cultivation hub of Supreme Cannabis, and includes a robust R&D and genetics program, advanced processing and automated packaging capabilities.

The facilities hybrid-greenhouse is built to harness the power of the sun and improve the quality of the cannabis flower. Each room uses high pressure sodium lighting and has the added benefit of full-spectrum sunlight from our glass roof, which can be adjusted with our retractable sunshades. This unique growing technique, paired with innovative processing techniques, allows for a finely cured and polished product that consumer across Canada enjoy. Supreme Cannabis Kincardine produces high quality products for sale under the 7ACRES, Blissco, Sugarleaf and Hiway brands.



Scaled cultivation280,000 sqft. of flowering, vegetation and propagation space
Small batch grow10,000 sqft. cultivation rooms
Hybrid facilityIndoor sealed cultivation with greenhouse roof
Advanced ProcessingWhole-plant dry and hand-trim finish
Value-add ProcessingPre-roll and concentrates production
Automated PackagingHigh quality visual specification
Genetics PracticeRobust R&D and genetics lab


Expected packaging48,000 containers per day
Expected cultivation50,000 KG annually

Dan Sippel

General Manager

Dan Sippel joined the Supreme Cannabis team in December 2019 and is responsible for leading the long-term, sustainable growth of the Supreme Cannabis Kincardine facility. Mr. Sippel has over 30 years of experience in diverse high-volume production environments. Prior to Supreme Cannabis, Mr. Sippel was Plant Manager at Natra Chocolate America, where he brought new products to market, increased throughput, and responded to unprecedented growth in the US market.

Throughout his career, Mr. Sippel has managed multiple priorities, developed employee potential and delivered consistent, profitable results. Mr. Sippel has a history of performance driven manufacturing, working in industries where extracting yield is critical to margins and technical expertise is mandatory with complex equipment environments.

Exceptional Quality.

Supreme Cannabis Kincardine remains focused on continually improving and innovating cultivation, and processing techniques to ensure the highest quality product for consumers. The Facility has developed a robust quality assurance (“QA”) program, well defined procedures and maintains the highest level of respect for our stakeholders, regulators and consumers.

Plant genetics play a big part in the quality advantage our brands have and are developed in-house, with a systematic application of research, technology and science. The team is developing the next generation of premium cannabis genetics for recreational, medical and wellness applications.


The Supreme Cannabis Kincardine culture is built around a set of core values that reflect how they care for the plants and the people who work with them. Leadership, respect, passion, innovation and community all have a special part in how the organization is governed. The facilities values were selected to continuously improve our products and our people, and guarantee we give them the tools to succeed. succeed.

7ACRES Greenhouse with Staff and Plants


PAX7ACRES partnered with Pax Lab Inc. to become a brand partner and supplier for the PAX Era in Canada.  PAX is a market leader with over 1.5 million devices sold worldwide with an established reputation as the best-selling pen-and-pod system in the US. Together with PAX, 7ACRES will deliver the ultimate vaping experience to Canadian consumers.
7ACRES Greenhouse with Staff and Plants