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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Neville Haze strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

This award-winning strain has been one of the most popular strains of cannabis since the late 1990s. In this article, we’ll take a look at Neville Haze—a sativa-heavy hybrid famous for its size and enticing piney scent.

What is the Origin of the Neville Haze Strain?

Neville Haze is a tribute to one of the earliest seed suppliers in the growing industry, Nevil Schoenmakers, who developed the first cannabis seed bank in the Netherlands in the early 1980s. The original strain of Neville Haze was grown by the Spice Brothers, who we can only assume named themselves after the very popular 90s act, the Spice Girls. The strain is bred from a little bit of Northern Lights, one of the most famous indicas around, and a lot of Haze, a classic energetic sativa that was one of Schoenmakers’ favorites.

The Lineage Of Neville Haze

Northern Lights has a mysterious lineage, but it is an Afghani Indica strain. The Northern Lights strain used here was most likely Northern Lights #5.

Northern Lights + Pure Haze = Neville Haze

Neville Haze History

The goal when breeding Neville Haze was to have a strain that was a blend of roughly equal parts sativa and indica. The first harvest produced cannabis that was about 75 percent sativa and 25 percent indica, and as time has gone on, it has become much more sativa-dominant: most modern variations come in at 90 percent sativa.

Neville Haze is a tribute to the Nevil Schoenmakers, who is a legend in the growing industry. He was known for his work with different strains of Haze, and in the process earned the nickname, “King of Cannabis.” His great work is what inspired the Spice Brothers to make this particular strain.

Growers first tried replicating this strain in the 80s, but high seed prices and an extremely difficult growing process rendered the strain almost extinct. It wasn’t until the 90s that this strain found footing again, eventually winning an award as the best seed in 1998 at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

How Is The Neville Haze Strain Grown?

Growing Neville Haze is notoriously difficult and only recommended for those who are experts at growing. There are many factors that make growing this strain so difficult. If grown indoors, it requires a perfectly-set-up hydroponic system. The pH levels of this strain are very finicky, and constant maintenance is required. This plant also grows very tall, so it can be hard to find space for indoor growth unless you have a professional set up.

Growing outdoors requires a tropical environment with as little variance in temperature possible. It is commonly believed that you would want to be within 10 degrees of the equator for best results.

A normal yield of this strain is roughly half a pound per square meter, but the best of the best with the best environmental factors can hope to get over a full pound.

14 weeks

Masculine (feminized not available)

~250 grams/meter (less than expert grower)

~500 grams/meter (expert grower perfect conditions)

Indoor/Outdoor (outdoor requires tropical environment)

Best outdoor harvest would fall in November

What Does Neville Haze Look Like?

Neville Haze is a skinny and spiky strain of cannabis. It is brilliantly green, and has a thick layer of trichomes that don’t take away from the rich green that it presents. Dark orange colors are wrapped throughout the bud, but they aren’t abundant. Though it is skinny, it is a dense and impressive looking plant.

What Aroma Does Neville Haze Have?

Neville Haze smells a bit like it looks, which is to say it smells green. What we mean by that is that it smells primarily piney, with grass-like qualities and hints of earth. It also has notes of fruit, but those are normally only caught by those who have an educated nose. There is also an herbal quality to the aroma of Neville Haze, which also comes through in the flavour.

What flavors can you expect from Neville Haze?

If you were unable to catch the notes of fruit through the aroma of Neville Haze, you will surely catch them in the flavour. Neville Haze is bursting with flavour, and while any one specific fruit is hard to pinpoint in all examples, you will likely come up with your own answer, and a specific one at that. While there are strong tastes of fruit, you’ll also note elements of earth and woods, with pine being the most noticeable. Herbal notes run throughout, but are not dominant.

What Effects can you expect from Neville Haze?

This world-famous strain of cannabis is known for its potency. Those with low tolerance for THC should be careful when ingesting Neville Haze. If you are one of those people, you will want to approach this strain with caution. Those who are affected most negatively can expect bad headaches, bouts of dizziness and even paranoia.

Those who do not have a low tolerance of THC can expect a few negative effects as well, but also look forward to a wonderful time. Neville Haze will produce an expected dry mouth and dry eye, but with preparation beforehand, this can be mostly mitigated.

The high you get with Neville Haze is a heavy high, but not one that typically induces couch lock. This is a strain that is known for enhancing creativity. When taken in small doses, one might find themselves with a desire for productivity. We wouldn’t recommend this as a daytime weed due to its hints of indica, though with enough experimentation you might find a proper dosage to get your errands done.

When taken in higher doses, this strain will render one giggly. Neville Haze carries a euphoric high that can aid in good times and heady conversation. This is not a strain that will give you a body high, but instead will energize you and quite possibly motivate you.

The comedown from Neville Haze can be a bit hazy as this is a very cerebral cannabis. Because of the high THC levels in Neville Haze, this is a cannabis strain best used by those who are comfortable with smoking particularly potent buds. When smoking Neville Haze, anyone might find themself giddy because of the effects itself, but if you appreciate the history of cannabis, you might find yourself giddy that you are smoking a world-class plant, an award winner, and an all-around good time.

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