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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Nebula strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

Nebula is a honey-scented balanced hybrid strain with lustrous shimmering trichomes that takes those who try it on a deep, chilled-out psychedelic journey.

The Lineage Of Nebula

The exact strains that were combined to breed Nebula were not made public by the strain’s creator, but it’s known to be a cross of some variety of Haze (which can be seen in Nebula’s euphoria-boosting properties) and Master Widow, a shadowy strain that brings its signature burst of energy to its space-like child. This mixture typically leads to Nebula having a 50/50 split between indica and sativa, but some examples lean to either side by about ten percent.

Nebula History

Nebula was developed by the Dutch operation Paradise Seeds in 1996. An immediate hit, the strain grew particularly popular in the UK shortly after its release, then spread throughout Europe and the world at large over the next few years. Its accolades are many, including a first-place finish at the 2005 Copa La Bella Flor in Spain and a silver medal at the 2005 Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup.

How Is The Nebula Strain Grown?

The Nebula strain, though developed in the Netherlands, does best when grown in a slightly warmer climate. It thrives in Spain’s climate, so these days it’s mostly grown there and in other areas of the world with similar weather, such as other Mediterranean countries and the coast of California.

The strain has its highest output when grown outdoors in such climates, but as it was developed to be grown in the much cooler weather of Amsterdam, it was actually designed to be grown indoors. The plant can be grown in soil or hydroponically, but in either case it will need a sophisticated set of grow lights and a climate-control solution that are capable of emulating the long, hot, dry summer days of the Spanish setting where it found its ideal outdoor expression.

That being said, Nebula can be grown outdoors across a wide variety of climates. You may not yield quite as much crop, and the product may not be quite as potent, but you can plant Nebula across all but the northernmost parts of Europe and North America. Nebula loves the sun, so it grows impressively high—so make sure your growing space is prepared to handle a plant that just won’t stop reaching for the stars.

In either case, Nebula is a very quick-growing plant with relatively high yields. This makes the strain perfect not only for a beginner who is looking to reap the rewards of their effort without a long wait, but also for a heavy consumption user who needs to regularly resupply their supply with an excellent strain.

60 days


18oz/m2 (indoor) / 22oz/plant (outdoor)


What Does Nebula Look Like?

If grown in a well-lit environment, whether natural or through the use of a large number of grow lights, Nebula produces some of the fattest, densest buds around. As one of its alternative names, “Starcloud”, suggests, it twinkles with an almost iridescent coating of THC-rich trichomes across its entire surface. Its base color is a leafy green that seems almost washed out due to how comprehensively frosted well-grown Nebula buds are, and its burnt-orange pistils add a pop of visual interest.

What Aroma Does Nebula have?

The most immediately noticeable scent that will come wafting out of Nebula buds is a subtle sweetness. This fairly unique aroma is joined by a potent skunkiness, which works together to create a mouth-watering layered bouquet of smells. Underneath these dominant tones, a trained nose will also be able to pick out a slight hint of fruit and a pleasant muted floral base note.

What flavors can you expect from Nebula?

When smoked, the indescribable sweetness will combine with the hints of fruit and wildflowers to develop into a distinct honey flavour. You’ll even notice a tiny amount of spice and tang, emphasizing the honeyed taste. The skunkiness present in Nebula’s odor does not come through when tasting the strain, giving it a very straightforward, smooth, smokeable honey taste that is ideal for all-day consumption.

What Effects can you expect from Nebula?

Though it’s actually named for a villainous Marvel space pirate, the effects of Nebula do evoke the otherworldly interstellar object that its name would lead most to picture. On the whole, the strain is psychedelic and brings a buzzing energy to both body and mind. While some balanced hybrids tend to wash out the effects of their equal-parts sativa and indica lineage to present a generic high, Nebula instead combines the best parts of both to a uniquely appealing effect.

The strain has fairly high THC levels, so it gets to work quickly and should bring on a calm thoughtfulness within a few minutes. At low doses you’ll also notice a focused concentration, stimulation and a rush of energy. The strain functions more as a sativa when consumed in moderation, but uses its indica-like calming effects to balance the overpowering euphoria that some sativas bring. You’ll feel energized yet calm and centered, but not restless. Likewise, the sativa heritage ensures that you won’t feel demotivated like you might with a more indica-heavy hybrid. Until you start to smoke the strain in high quantities, these effects make Nebula perfect for meditation and deep work.

At higher doses, the THC content of Nebula transforms the strain’s effects into a powerful psychedelic experience. You still won’t get totally couch-locked, but heavy users of Nebula might have trouble getting anything productive done once they pass the early stages of their smoking session. Euphoria will be amplified, and a sense of spaciness might overpower the centered calmness that was present earlier. On top of that, you’ll even get some of the visual and cognitive effects that come with classic psychedelic substances, such as an increased tendency to lose track of time, visual distortions, and a hyper-appreciation of art and music.

CBD is almost entirely absent from Nebula, but enough of its hallmark effects come through that this shouldn’t really be seen as a negative. You’ll find plenty of the relaxation, bodily comfort, and anxiety-reducing effects that make people desire this popular cannabinoid despite its near-total absence.

As a powerful strain, Nebula does come with several side effects. Most of these are minor and present in most strains, like dry mouth, slight dizziness and an increase in appetite. But novice smokers should be aware that in high quantities, the strain can produce relatively high levels of anxiety.

These side effects can be moderated by ensuring that you’re not consuming more than you’re used to, and by sticking to a safe, comfortable setting and keeping a positive mindset if you’re smoking large amounts of this potent bud. When smoked responsibly, Nebula brings an awesome combination of cerebral euphoria and focused concentration. As long as you know what you’re getting into and consume Nebula accordingly, you’ll have a supernova of a time with this spacey strain.

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