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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowdsourced information about the Master Kush strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

As the name implies, Master Kush, originally known as “High Rise”, is a strong hybrid whose parent strains hail from the Hindu Kush region. Master Kush is also one of the most popular of all the Kush hybrids. Like most other Kush variations, Kush has a strong, earthy aroma (with a slight hint of citrus) that will be immediately recognizable to cannabis connoisseurs.

Master Kush is now widely available throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Master Kush is well-known for its delicious flavour, alluring aroma, and favorable effects. Generally, users report a mellow body high that does not detract from mental awareness. Master Kush can provide an experience that is often associated with increasing focus and enhancing creativity.

In addition to the observed experiences listed above, Master Kush has been known to provide users with experiences of relaxed muscles and physical pain relief. Thanks to its beneficial observances, Master Kush is now common among both recreational and medical users.

What is the Origin of the Master Kush Strain?

So, where exactly did Master Kush come from? Genetically, Master Kush is a direct descendant of the original Hindu Kush strains. Unlike many strains developed before cannabis legalization efforts, the origins and history of Master Kush are relatively well-known.

The Lineage Of Master Kush

Master Kush is a direct descendant of two separate Hindu Kush landrace strains from separate areas of the Hindu Kush region. Like all Kush variations, Master Kush borrows its famous aroma and effects from its Hindu Kush origins.  Subsequently, Master Kush was used to create numerous other strains, including Rockstar Master Kush and Iceberg.

Master Kush History

Master Kush was created and marketed by Dutch White Label Seed Company; a cannabis cultivation business based in Amsterdam. The original strain was likely cultivated in the early 1990s and it quickly became a success in the Netherlands and beyond. In the early days, Master Kush was only available in coffee shops and medical clinics in Amsterdam. However, it quickly spread throughout Europe and eventually reached North America sometime in the mid-to-late 1990s. During this period, Master Kush won the Cannabis Cup for two years straight in 1992 and 1993. Nowadays, Master Kush is one of the most sought-after strains in the United States and is a very popular strain worldwide.

How Is The Master Kush Strain Grown?

Master Kush is not the easiest Kush strain to cultivate, but it is also not the most difficult. Like many strains of cannabis, Master Kush flourishes in temperate climates, where temperatures do not dip below 20 degrees Celsius or above 30 degrees Celsius. Master Kush cannot tolerate cold temperatures for long, so it is generally best to grow the plant indoors.

Nonetheless, Master Kush can be grown outdoors, or in more controlled, indoor environments. Master Kush is extremely short compared to other strains, with most plants standing less than a meter tall.  As a result, “topping” is usually unnecessary. Even though it is not a large plant, Master Kush is a very productive strain of cannabis. On average, it takes Master Kush plants a mere 7 – 8 weeks to flower indoors. However, it may take more time if grown outdoors considering the environment is more difficult to control. The yield per plant is average compared to other Kush strains at about 500 grams per plant.

Master Kush Cultivation Details:

7 – 8 weeks


~500 grams/plant


Physical Traits of the Master Kush Strain

As previously stated, Master Kush is a short plant, though it produces a large number of flowers in spite of its size. Master Kush plants have buds and leaves that carry features that are similar to many other Kush strains, with a few slight variations.

What Does Master Kush Look Like?

The Master Kush plant is short, with long, wide leaves that vary in color. Some plants come out with a light to medium green coloration, while others have strong orange streaks. Master Kush flowers are not very dense and are easily broken apart. They have light green with yellow and orange pistils. Additionally, high trichome counts make Master Kush particularly sticky to the touch.

What Aroma Does Master Kush Have?

Most cannabis experts know a Kush strain when they smell one, and Master Kush is no exception. Master Kush is well known and desired for its distinctive aroma. The strong, skunky smell is easy to identify and difficult to contain. Additionally, Master Kush smoke leaves behind a hint of citrus.

What flavors can you expect from Master Kush?

Master Kush tastes very much like it smells skunky and earthy, with just a touch of citrus. Upon exhalation, users will take note of Master Kush’s signature Kush flavour. For those who choose their strain based on flavour alone, Master Kush can be a popular choice, as its smell and flavour are very appealing.

What Effects can you expect from Master Kush?

While Master Kush can have various effects on different people, it is well-known for producing a strong body high that does not detract from mental awareness. It is a great strain for newcomers, as it allows for ample focus and creativity.

However, there’s a lot more to Master Kush than focus and creativity. The following are just a few of its most common effects:

  • Euphoria – While feelings of euphoria are pretty common among all strains of cannabis, they are particularly strong with Master Kush. Due to its high levels of THC, Master Kush produces strong cerebral effects that relax the mind, while also increasing productivity.
  • Energy Level – Users generally report average energy levels when using the Master Kush strain. Master Kush does not have strong sedative effects, so it can easily be used at any time of day or night.
  • Creativity – Many users will have creative thoughts and ideas with Master Kush. The reduction of anxiety and increased focus allow thoughts to flow more freely, while higher energy levels generate better productivity.
  • Sensitivity – Master Kush enhances our senses making cooking and listening to music much more enjoyable. Additionally, since Master Kush does produce a strong body high, physical sensations are more pleasurable.
  • Relaxation – Master Kush works extremely well to alleviate anxiety. The euphoric effects combine with muscle relaxation to help users destress and enjoy the experience. That said, like most strains that are high in THC, Master Kush can cause paranoia in higher doses, so users should be careful with the dosage when using Master Kush.
  • Pain Relief – Master Kush is a good choice for pain relief. The body high produced by Master Kush is strong, so when combined with the cerebral high, it produces a numbing and relieving sensation throughout the entire body.
  • Nausea Relief – Like many cannabis strains, Master Kush is a good option for aiding with decreasing nausea and increasing appetite. This makes it especially useful for patients suffering from various ailments. However, Master Kush can also produce “cottonmouth,” which can make it difficult to swallow food.

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