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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Magnum PI strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

This relaxed strain of cannabis has a lower  THC content than most, making it great for consumers of all experience levels. In this article, we will go over the mysterious Magnum PI strain.

What is the Origin of the Magnum PI Strain?

Generally when there is mystery surrounding a strain of cannabis, the biggest question is concerning its parent breeds, but with Magnum PI, we aren’t really sure of where it came from. Some say it is from the Pacific Northwest, while others point towards Hawaii.

We do know, however, that the Magnum strain is one of its parent breeds, and a lot of guesses can be made about the unknown parent breed based effect, THC content, flavours and aroma. Some of the most popular assumptions are that it includes either the citrusy Agent Orange, which would explain Magnum PI’s flavour, or the smooth and light Blue Hawaiian, which could also be reflected in some of this strain’s qualities.

The Lineage Of magnum PI

Magnum + [unknown] = Magnum PI

Magnum PI History

As mentioned, there is a lot of mystery surrounding Magnum PI. Seahorse Gardens in the Puget Sound is most often credited with the creation of the strain, though others point towards Treehawk Farms or secret locations in Hawaii—taking their hint from the strain’s name, which was given in reference to the popular 80s crime drama of the same name starring Tom Selleck, as well as the possible inclusion of Blue Hawaiian in its lineage.

We do know, however, plenty about Magnum, one of the parent strains of Magnum PI. Magnum was created by Spanish breeders who wanted to get the most out of an auto flower, or, a strain of cannabis that goes from growth to harvest through age as opposed to light. The parent breeds of Magnum are unknown, but they are believed to be varieties of Kush.

How Is The magnum PI Strain Grown?

Not only is Magnum PI a good beginner cannabis for consumers, but it might also be an ideal strain for growers. The difficulty of growing Magnum PI is most often referred to as easy to medium, which is in large part because it is an auto-flowering strain. Because of this, you won’t have to mess with extra complications like switching lights on or off over a long period of time. Another nice thing about auto-flowering plants is that they have a short time to harvest, though Magnum PI takes a little longer than some other auto-flowers.

The plant itself grows to be quite large, so if you are growing it indoors, you will need to set aside a good amount of space for it. If grown indoors, having a lot of fans at your disposal is key, as this plant thrives in cooler atmospheres.

When grown outdoors, this plant is known for how big and beautiful it is. It is best grown in climates like the Northwestern United States, where temperatures remain cool but don’t often reach freezing during the cultivation period. Harvest should be expected between October and November, and one plant should yield roughly half an ounce of bud.

10 – 12 weeks

Auto-Flowering Feminized

12- 16 ounces/square meter


What Does Magnum PI Look Like?

The first thing that stands out with Magnum PI is the thick coat of trichomes. This gives the strain a shiny quality that only adds to its brilliance. While trichomes can sometimes dull the look of a bud, here they exaggerate the eye-popping greens and oranges of Magnum PI. These lumpy nugs are an olive green which is contrasted by dark orange or even red hairs. It is truly a beautiful plant.

What Aroma Does Magnum PI Have?

The aroma of Magnum PI is about as subtle as the high you will get from ingesting it. Though, you will notice a delicate earthiness to this strain when cured. You might find that hard to believe if you were to grow this before smoking it, as it is one of the more pungent plants to grow. The subtle earth flavours are nicely complemented by notes of sweet citrus and apricot.

What flavors can you expect from Magnum PI?

If Magnum PI has any intensity about it, it would be with the flavours you get consuming this cannabis. These flavours largely mirror the fragrance you can expect out of this plant, but they happen in two distinct stages. When you inhale, you can expect wild notes of fruit, particularly lemons, oranges and apricots, and then when you exhale, expect earth notes that are reminiscent of wet soil and pine.

What Effects can you expect from Magnum PI?

Magnum PI is known as being an easy-smoking strain, great for all who want to partake, and especially for beginners who might be nervous about the effects that the plant might have on them. While this is an easy smoking experience, you will not be immune to some adverse effects. This generally happens with overconsumption. Typically, negative effects of Magnum PI show themselves as high levels of anxiety.

The positive side of Magnum PI is a high that gives users a sense of full clarity. If you were feeling cloudy or unsure, this strain has a way of adding a bit of confidence to your day without bogging you down. This is a great strain for creatives who have a hard time getting to work with their creative pursuits. It can enhance creativity, but perhaps more importantly, it provides an experience that makes you feel more focused.

Those who would use Magnum PI outside of creative pursuits might find it a good tool for doing errands during the day. While there is a great focusing aspect to this cannabis, it is a good motivator as well. People with negative preconceived notions about the stupefying effects of THC will be very wrong about Magnum PI, as it will help you get up off the couch instead of staying locked to it. On those same lines, this can be a great workout tool. The clear-headed focus will make your time at the gym efficient and effective, while the motivating factor will actually get you to go there.

All in all, this is considered to be one of the cleanest, most clarifying strains of cannabis available. Just because this is recommended as a beginner strain it does not mean that it isn’t meant for everyone. At the same time, the experience itself is big and flavourful. Smoking Magnum PI is a wonderful experience from beginning to end, beginner or expert.

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