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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Lemon Sour Diesel strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

What is the Origin of the Lemon Sour Diesel Strain?

The Lineage Of Lemon Sour Diesel

Lemon Sour Diesel has been created by crossing California Sour and Lost Coast OG strains. There are, however, some other variants that are produced by crossing some other similar strains.

Lemon Sour Diesel History

Created by Green Lantern Seeds, Lemon Sour Diesel (or Lemon Diesel as it’s sometimes known) was created by crossing two of the most popular strains to create a sativa dominant hybrid with 20% indica, 70% sativa. Having made it into 2010’s Emerald Cup’s top ten strains, this award-winning hybrid has harnessed the power of its impressive genetics to create a popping flavour and a fantastic body high.

There is, however, some confusion about this strain’s origins. This is primarily because there are a number of variants to the hybrid created by the well-known Green Lantern seeds. Cage Green Genetics is just one other grower that has created a similar strain called Lemon Diesel which is a clone-only strain that has no known origin. Emerald Triangle Seeds have also created their own version of Lemon Sour Diesel using a mix of Lemon Thai, Pakistani, California Sour and Chemdawg and there are a number of other variants too.

Due to the range of breeders and variants, there is some mystery regarding Lemon Sour Diesel’s true origins, however, the general consensus is, indeed, that the true Lemon Sour Diesel hybrid strain was created by cross-breeding California Sour and Lost Coast OG as outlined above.

How Is The Lemon Sour Diesel Strain Grown?

It’s possible to grow the Lemon Sour Diesel strain either outdoors or indoors, and the flowering period is between 63 days and 73 days. This allows you to harvest your crop in just 9-12 weeks. If you’re growing outdoors, your harvest will be in mid-October.

It’s possible to use the SOG (Sea of Green) method to grow this strain to bring forward your harvesting time, or you can add a screen and use the ScrOG (Screen of Green)method – an excellent energy-efficient solution if you’re growing indoors.

You can expect a yield of around 16-21oz per square meter if you’re growing this strain indoors, while if you’re growing outside you can expect a higher yield of around 21-24oz per plant.

Bear in mind that this is quite a pungent strain, so whether you’re growing outdoors or indoors, if you need to keep things discreet you might want to consider taking odor-control measures.

63-73 days


28oz per plant when grown outdoors
16oz/m2 when grown indoors


Physical Traits of the Lemon Sour Diesel Strain

What Does Lemon Sour Diesel Look Like?

Lemon Sour Diesel is characterized by its spade-shaped bright green nugs that have rich gold and amber undertones together with plentiful bright orange furry hairs and leaves that are dark olive in color. The nugs are covered with crystal trichomes in a fine layer as well as syrupy resin. Overall, their appearance is quite light and fluffy.

The Lemon Sour Diesel strain is known for its tall growth. Its leaves are broad and long and, as it grows and matures, those leaves turn a purplish-gray color. In its final few weeks of growth, the buds will begin to really fill in to produce an impressive yield.

What Aroma Does Lemon Sour Diesel Have?

Lemon Sour Diesel exudes a powerful aroma, so if you’re planning to grow this strain you will need to take care to minimize the odor if discretion is necessary. The skunky aroma has sweet undertones of tart diesel, lemon and just a hint of pepper. You may also be able to detect just a hint of spiciness in the aroma. Some users have described this strain as having a similar fragrance to lemon Pledge, and this is primarily due to the underlying diesel notes. Overall, the main aroma of this bud is an almost fruity note of sour lemon.

What flavours can you expect from Lemon Sour Diesel?

Although the diesel aroma is easy to detect from this bud, it leaves no obvious aftertaste on your tongue. Rather, the lingering flavour is that of intense sour lemons. You may, however, be able to detect a little of the diesel flavour when you exhale. The flavour palette that you’ll enjoy with this strain is very more-ish and you’re sure to be back for more very soon.

What Effects can you expect from Lemon Sour Diesel?

Lemon sour diesel is often described as a fast-acting bud and, indeed, you’ll notice an impressive and heavy body high right from the very first puff. However, be prepared for the full effects to kick in after some time. This strain has a habit of creeping up on you, with the true impact being experienced around 30 minutes after use, so be aware that that first rush of energy isn’t all there is to this strain – you’ll get the real heavy hit slightly later on than you might have imagined.

The first sensation that users experience when they take a hit of this sativa-dominant hybrid is a cerebral rush which causes the whole body to tingle and all the limbs to relax completely. Yet, as the muscles release all their tension, focus simultaneously improves. Energy levels get an instant boost and users feel extremely motivated, although be aware, you may not be super-productive after using this strain. The energy boost is more of the mind than the body, so you’ll feel thoughtful and happy, but could end up locked on the couch for a while! If you’re looking for a strain that is known to promote socialization and creativity, perhaps at a party or when spending time hanging out with friends, Lemon Sour Diesel could be the ideal choice thanks to the cerebral euphoria it produces which helps to prompt conversation and enjoyment of creative activities.

Lemon Sour Diesel is sometimes used by sufferers of chronic stress, depression, bipolar disorder and other mental health issues thanks to the relaxing effects that this strain is capable of producing, and thanks to its stimulating properties, it can be especially helpful in boosting the appetite or sex drive in those who find that they are lacking. Note, though, if used in large amounts, it can become quite overwhelming causing anxiety, so anyone who is prone to paranoia should take care to only use this strain in small amounts.

As with any strain, there are a few negatives to using Lemon Sour Diesel. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are two common side-effects as well as occasional dizziness or anxiety. Yet, while inexperienced users may want to treat this sativa-dominant hybrid with care, most users will find that this is a fantastic choice of strain for anyone who wants to experience an uplifting, euphoric high that infuses their mind with energy and creativity.

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