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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Ice Cream strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

A two-time Cannabis Cup Award winner, the Sativa-dominant strain called Ice Cream was first introduced by Amsterdam’s Paradise Seeds in 2008. This quick-growing strain quickly became a favorite for its potency and stress-busting effects.

What is the Origin of the Ice Cream Strain?

Even though humans have used cannabis for thousands of years. It’s only been within the past few decades that researchers and cultivators have really been given the green light to treat breeding new strains of cannabis as the craft that it is. Located in Amsterdam, Paradise Seeds got a head start on the rest of the world when it came to legalized cannabis and the Ice Cream strain they have created shows that they put this time to good use.

Breeding new strains can be tedious work because it can take many attempts at pollination before achieving the desired result. Paradise Seeds say they “took their time” when creating Ice Cream, and the proof is in the reception that this remarkable strain has received.

The Lineage Of Ice Cream

Paradise Seeds do not disclose exactly which other strains were used to make the Ice Cream strain, instead only saying that it was bred from their classic original lines. Given their reputation and the fact that Paradise Seeds has produced 25 High Times Cannabis Cup winners, that’s good enough for most smokers to give this strain a try.

Ice Cream History

Named “Ice Cream” as a reference to its smooth taste, this strain was an instant hit when it was released in 2008. The Ice Cream strain is considered one of the new generation of varieties from Paradise Seeds, a company founded in 1994 in Amsterdam. Paradise Seeds have become world-famous for their huge selection of connoisseur quality strains.

In 2008 and 2009, Ice Cream was voted as one of the three best-tasting strains by the judges at the Cannabis Cup, which is remarkable considering how potent the plant is. Ice Cream has quickly become a favorite for growers as well because of its rapid growth with limited stretching. This means that this plant is capable of producing large yields while using minimal growing space.

How Is The Ice Crean Strain Grown?

It’s clear that Paradise Seeds bred Ice Cream to be a perfect plant for indoor grow operations wanting to grow a lot of buds quickly. The combination of the very short 8- to 9-week flowering time and the compact stalk of the Ice Cream plant makes it ideal for growers who want to force their plants to grow multiple branches. This makes Ice Cream particularly sought after for growers using the “Sea of Green” method to induce early flowering.

Outdoor growers cannot take advantage of all the benefits that Ice Cream offers and when grown outdoors, the yield is somewhat low… Despite these shortcomings, Ice Cream is still a fairly popular choice for growers who are looking for an indica heavy strain that packs a lot of THC.

55-60 days


500 grams /sqaured metre


What is the Sea Of Green method for growing Ice Cream?

The Sea of Green Method of growing cannabis, or SOG, is a method to grow as much cannabis as possible in a short time. This is especially useful for growers who have limited space or equipment. The key to this method is that it trains your plants to use the space around them in the most efficient way possible. If done correctly, multiple plants will grow in such a way that each of their buds gets the proper amount of light, even if they are very close to each other.

The reason this method is so speedy is that it causes the plant to begin the flowering stage faster than normal, making it grow buds quickly. This method has shown to be so efficient that even larger growers are adopting this process to increase their yields. If you want to grow a lot of buds quickly, you will want to learn the SOG technique quickly.

The SOG method works by arranging your plants in such a way that almost all the light hits the top of the plant. This encourages the plant to put less effort into growing branches, and more energy into producing big, beautiful buds. Ice Cream is one of the best possible strains to use for the SOG technique because the structure of the plant is naturally very compact. Note that you will need to grow at least four plants at once in order to make this technique work.

Physical Traits of the Ice Cream Strain

What Does Ice Cream Look Like?

Just like it’s delicious namesake, the Ice Cream strain is a treat to look at. With tightly clustered trichomes coated in shiny resin, this bud is every bit as decadent as an ice cream sundae with all the fixings.

What Aroma Does Ice Cream Have?

Fans of strong-smelling cannabis love this plant. Ice Cream is a pungent strain that Paradise Seeds correctly describes as “Pure Old School Skunk.”

What flavours can you expect from Birthday Cake?

The reason that the Ice Cream strain has done so well at the Cannabis Cup is that it is rare for a strain that packs this much power to also have such a smooth taste. They decided to call this Ice Cream after noticing the smooth, sweet taste. With flavours of vanilla and pine, it’s no surprise many online reviewers consider Ice Cream their favorite strain.

What Effects can you expect from Ice Cream?

Ice Cream is a hybrid strain containing 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. After smoking, the first effects you will feel will usually be an improvement in mood and a heady sensation. These are the effects most commonly associated with Sativa and many people feel that these effects are what make them more creative. Some adults who have been diagnosed with attention disorders find that this allows them to feel more focused.

Only a few minutes after the Sativa-related effects have kicked in, you’ll begin to feel the Indica kick in. At this point, you will start to feel relaxed and slightly numb. You may also notice an increased appetite. This makes Ice Cream a particularly helpful strain for users looking for help inducing appetite.

Anytime you consume cannabis, there may also be some negative effects. The most common are dry mouth and eyes, but some people may become dizzy, anxious or paranoid, especially when consuming higher amounts. While Ice Cream contains more THC than the average cannabis strain, most users report the high to be more “chill” than most other strains.

It seems that the duality of the experience is what draws so many cannabis enthusiasts to Ice Cream. Even though the original cultivator of the seeds describes it as “La Ferrari” because it “takes off like a racing red sports car”, many users find it helpful when trying to alleviate stress. This combination of power and stress-relief may seem like a total oxymoron, but enthusiasts of the Ice Cream Cannabis Strain would tell you that you simply need to experience the intense relaxation of this strain in order to understand.

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