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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Hercules strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

If you’re looking for a strain that will enhance your focus and energy and allow you to enjoy your day to its full potential, then look no further than the mighty Hercules. This strain is a hybrid of Sativa (60%) and Indica (40%), and has a THC content of around 21%.

Hercules is aptly named after the Greek demi-god for both its own strength, but also for its unusual ability to help motivate you through physical activity (it’s a favorite with gym-goers and lovers of the great outdoors).  One smoke in the morning is enough to provide a pleasant, motivational buzz throughout the entirety of your day.

Hercules is often used by sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, arthritis, as well as many others who suffer from a host of serious muscle and joint conditions. It quickly helps alleviate the heavier aspects of fatigue and pain and provides a counter to them with its huge boost of natural energy.

It smells just as heavenly as any god should, but some people do find the diamond-shaped buds to look a little underwhelming. However, this is one strain that is far more about how it tastes than how it looks on the plate. It’s a fast-acting start to a long-lasting euphoric time.

The Lineage Of Hercules

Hercules is a sativa-dominant hybrid blend (60% sativa to 40% indica).

Hercules History

The Hercules strain was created by Colorado Seed Inc by crossing Gupta Kush and Hawaiian Urkle.

How Is The Hercules Strain Grown?

Hercules is a predominately Sativa strain that can be grown both indoors and out. It takes roughly eight to nine weeks to flower indoors (sometimes up to ten), with nine tending to be the sweet spot that results in a slightly smokier flavour — so be a little patient with it and you’ll be justly rewarded.

It’s an intermediate level plant to grow and you shouldn’t have any real problems with it, but to get the most out of it you’re going to want to perform the occasional topping.  Topping, if you’re unaware, is a term for promoting sideways or lateral growth of your plant by chopping off the top part — hence the name. Cannabis loves to grow vertically and with only one main shoot — which isn’t ideal for growers as it means a low yield (one shoot can only support so much). By cutting off the top of the main shoot, the plant’s growth hormones will be sent to the offshoots and it’ll promote a fuller, healthier plant that will also be able to absorb more light. More light means more energy, which in turn is going to result in a bigger yield. Don’t be afraid to do multiple toppings (of the offshoots, as well as the main) to maximize your yield.

The Hercules strain is not available in feminized seeds.

8 – 10 weeks



Indoor or Outdoor

What Does Hercules Look Like?

Its buds are a vivid lime green and are considered (a little unfairly) to be skinny and scrawny — but don’t let that put you off. It didn’t get its name from the buds but from the strength of its effects and how quickly it hits.

Its trichomes are somewhat ghostly-white and its leaves drip with a sugary resin that gives it a lot of its flavour and provides its diamond-shaped nuggets with an unusual, but very pretty, gloss.

What Aroma Does Hercules Have?

This can vary slightly from grow to grow, but generally expect a smell that complements the taste, deriving from its wonderful ancestry — it’ll reach out and pull your right back there. You’ll find a heady earthy aroma takes central stage, but there are usually fruity notes of grape and melon accompanying it. Behind both scents, there is a long sweet honey-like note that lingers, and that most people find extremely pleasant.

What flavors can you expect from Hercules?

Hercules has a fruity, earthy taste that will provide you a reminder of its exotic Hawaiian (Urkle) past, as well as possessing a deliciously sweet tang similar to certain wines and of fermented grapes. Its taste and smell are often compared to the Durban Poison, although Hercules has an edge over it in both cases, as its flavours are slightly more subtle.

What Effects can you expect from Hercules?

The twelve labours of Hercules took the legendary demi-god twelve years to complete. It wasn’t that he was slow, they were just difficult tasks. If only he’d had his eponymous cannabis strain handy — it’d likely taken half that time. Because that’s the kind of energy and concentration buzz that you will get from Hercules and the reason why it’s got its name.

From the start, you can expect a smooth earthy smoke, followed by an enjoyable, mellow high that won’t leave you slouched on the sofa all day. In fact, it’ll help you do quite the opposite. Hercules has a reputation as a “morning smoke” as its positive effects last all throughout the day. It hits fast, and in a matter of minutes you’ll feel semi-blissful, your aches and pains (if you experience any) significantly diminished — if not forgotten completely.  You can expect a large motivational and concentration boost from morning right up until evening.

As well as being an incredible mood enhancer, it’s the perfect strain for anyone who simply wants to make the most of their day. Why? Because the enormous energy boost that comes from it will peel you off your couch and kick you out of your own front door.  It is fairly strong, however, so if it’s your first time then please be sensible, especially if you plan on going outside after smoking and are unfamiliar with its effects.

Overall, expect a long-lasting and wonderfully pleasant buzz, an increase in your energy levels, and a positive boon to your mood.

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