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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Great White Shark strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

Great White Shark, also known as the Peacemaker, is an indica-dominant hybrid from The Green House that has won a host of awards and is well-known as an ideal way to chill out after a hectic day with its powerful body-high effects. Its famous history and high yield when grown have helped it enter mainstream cannabis culture.

What is the Origin of the Great White Shark Strain?

The Green House spawned Great White Shark over twenty years ago, and this bud is still knocking about today bringing pleasure to cannabis users all over the US.

The Lineage Of Great White Shark

The Green House created this bud by fusing South Indian and South American landrace sativa strains with the infamous Super Skunk and White Widow strains. Furthermore, this strain’s long-lasting popularity has led to it birthing two new strains, the Megalodon and La Blanca. A bud that has been used to make new strains is often a mark of its quality, and Great White Shark is no exception.

 Great White Shark History

Great White Shark has a long and glorious history. It won the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup way back in 1997, and took 1st place prize in the 2005 High Life Hemp Fair. These are two of the best accolades a strain can receive, and it’s why this strain is a mainstay of cannabis culture. Great White Shark continues to be a favorite with cannabis users across the US, and you can be sure that by getting hold of this weed either through direct purchase or growing your own you’re getting your hands on some of the most classic bud on the market.

How Is The Great White Shark Strain Grown?

The best reason for growing Great White Shark, quite apart from its excellent properties, is its astonishing yield. If grown well, you can get an insane 28 ounces from a single square meter when grown indoors, and a whopping 36 ounces from a single outdoor plant. That makes it a superb investment of your time, energy and money as the end result is a massive batch of weed that’ll last you right through the winter… or maybe just until next week, because it’s that good—but either way, it’s a lot!

The best way of growing Great White Shark is with hydroponics—but not everyone has access to such a sophisticated grow setup. Fear not, because Great White Shark still produces brilliant results whether grown indoors or outdoors, and it’s not a difficult plant to grow. It needs a warm and dry climate if grown outdoors. The environment shouldn’t be too humid, so if you’re growing indoors ensure moisture isn’t seeping inside. Great White Shark is very resistant to common molds and mildew, so you don’t have to worry too much about waking up one day to find your precious harvest has failed. It’s a short to medium-sized plant too, so it won’t take up excess space in your allotment or greenhouse.

It can be grown in about 9 to 10 weeks indoors, and if grown outdoors it should be ready to harvest in early October. In terms of feeding and nutrients, this strain will subsist on a standard feeding schedule and doesn’t need extra nutrients to make it sing, although of course they will aid the potency of the bud if you choose to add them. Its leaves are short and thick, so you can get away with only pruning this plant semi-regularly. All of these characteristics mean it’s a very simple plant to grow that produces a superb amount of weed. Great White Shark is an excellent choice for a novice grower dipping their toes into the world of cannabis growing.

9-10 weeks


28oz/m2 / 36oz/plant


Physical Traits of the Great White Shark Strain

Great White Shark is a stunning bud with a classic appearance and a medley of fragrances.

What Does Great White Shark Look Like?

This strain has thick leaves and dense football-shaped buds. The calyxes are extremely fluffy, and when it’s ready for harvest you’ll see fabulous reddish and orange pistils. The buds are coated with small, glistening titular white trichomes that glitter in the morning sun. Overall, it’s a very pretty bud that’ll you love bringing out for parties or admiring in a jar on your shelf.

What Aroma Does Great White Shark have?

This strain has a wonderfully complex scent. It contains hints of clove and lavender draped over a wooden undernote, finished with the classic earthy-skunk smell. It’s a beautiful fragrant weed, but the strength of the smell means it’s not easy to hide if that’s a concern for you.

What flavors can you expect from Great White Shark?

Similar to the smell, the taste is many-layered. It starts with a woody pine which makes you think of meadows on a light spring day, before following through with an after-blast of citrus. Overlaying this is a skunk taste, which at times can overpower the complex concoction and drown it out, but it is nevertheless a reassuring and wholesome taste that many weed smokers can get behind. It’s not finished there, though, the trained tongue of a weed connoisseur will be also able to pick out spice and lavender rounding out this marvelous-tasting concoction.

What Effects can you expect from Great White Shark?

With an average THC content of 17 percent, this is a very strong smoke. However, in this modern age of turbo death skunks, it comparatively isn’t too overwhelming. A novice smoker could therefore enjoy this bud if they were cautious with it, and a seasoned smoker will find this is a perfect everyday bud to unwind with.

Unwinding is the key word here. This strain, although providing a sense of euphoria, is the kind of weed that can give stoners a bad rep. It gives you a stupefied bliss, gleefully gamboling from moment to moment without a care in the world. It has a long-lasting high that goes on and on, so much so that many call this a “one-hit-quitter,” as even one toke will give you enough of a buzz to see your day through or your evening out. It puts you in a joyous mood and lifts the heart. Not only will your cares melt away, but they’ll be replaced by a thrill of purpose and endeavor—even if it’s not one you can necessarily take advantage of! That said, creative enterprises aren’t totally lost by the wayside, and this is a lovely weed to smoke if you want to get to scribbling some poetry or strumming some chords while having a relaxing day. Overall, this is a great all-round strain with a storied history that is a great entry point for growers and fantastic regular smoke for weed lovers everywhere.

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