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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Death Star strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

This fully-operational indica-dominant hybrid weed will destroy the planet of your mind. A potent bud from Team Death Star which will have you conquering the galaxy of thought in no time is a must-try weed if you’re a Star Wars fan and cannabis lover. With this weed, you can truly have the high ground.

What is the Origin of the Death Star Strain?

Team Death Star came up with this strain in Ohio in the early 2000s. In the early years after this popular strain’s birth its lineage was a closely guarded secret within Team Death Star, who didn’t want their competitors to be able to copy it easily. As the years passed, however, they decided that the strain was too good to keep under wraps, and they eventually made it known to the world at large.

The Lineage Of Death Star

Death Star was bred from the famously pungent Sour Diesel crossed with the cerebral Sensi Star. Any strain coming from such notorious parents is bound to be a top-notch bud, and this is no different.

Death Star History

Team Death Star bred their eponymous bud back in Ohio in 2001 or 2002. It remained as secret as a rebel base at that point, before the clone started getting noticed in elite grower circles around 2004 and 2005 in the Midwest. Shortly after, it began to move up and down the East Coast. It was only in 2010 that High Times featured it and made it widely known. The seeds are now widely available for purchase and use.

How Is The Death Star Strain Grown?

The Death Star strain is a moderately challenging weed to grow. This is mainly because the density of the nuggets are susceptible to rot if there is too much moisture in the air. As it’s a clone-only strain, it can be grown indoors and outdoors, but we recommend growing it inside a greenhouse to keep out the damp and bugs. It is not a resilient plant and can suffer if the conditions aren’t perfect. Keep your greenhouse at a temperature of 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results.

If grown outdoors, a sunny and dry environment is a necessity. The soil needs to be healthy for this plant to have a chance of its weapon-systems becoming fully functional. To help achieve that, you can add worm castings, chicken manure and perlite to strengthen your soil.

You only need to feed it lightly. However, it does benefit from using the right feed and nutrients more than other plants, so we recommend getting yourself some and adding them when appropriate. During the 4-week grow cycle, keep it in 18 hours of light followed by 6 hours of dark. Use 4ml of pH Perfect Sensi Grow A & B (or an equivalent) for the first week, 8ml for the second week and 16ml for weeks 3 and 4. For supplements, use 8ml of B-52 and Voodoo Juice for the first two weeks, and 8ml of B-52 only for weeks 3 and 4.

Once bloomed, keep it in a 12-hour light, 12-hour dark cycle. 16ml of pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A & B should be added in each of the first 8 weeks. To get the most out of your seeds, add 8ml of Voodoo Juice in weeks 1 and 2. In weeks 2 through 5, add 8mls of Big Bud a week. Use 8mls B-52 in weeks 3 through 7, and top it off with 8mls of Overdrive in weeks 6 and 7. If you do all of that, you’ll have a very potent bud ready for consumption. Remember in week 8 to use no nutrients to let the plant flush them all out.

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Best grown indoors

Physical Traits of the Death Star Strain

The Death Star has a timeless and classic dense look that matches up to the moon-like space station that gave the strain its name.

What Does Death Star Look Like?

The leaves can be dark or light depending on your particular seed. The bud has a rich green hue streaked with orange and a glorious frosted glaze. It has large pretty orange calyxes and bright amber trichomes.

What Aroma Does Death Star have?

The Death Star is a very pungent weed, even compared to the current crop of pungent weeds. It has a deep earthy aroma that can be a little overwhelming for some, but that most will find gorgeous. Don’t expect to smoke this and be able to air out the house quickly afterward. The smell is a delight, and even seasoned weed smokers will get a thrill from sniffing this bud. It has notes of rubber, menthol and an overtone of lemon to complete the fragrance. If you’re a lover of diesel-scented weeds, this is perfect for you.

What flavors can you expect from Death Star?

The earthy scent translates into a peaty smoke when combusted, like a smoky dram of Scotch. The diesel flavour has hints of citrus and hash, with an intermittent sweetness. The smell and the taste align wonderfully, which makes it a great all-round experience with no unpleasant surprises. If you like a rich blend of earthy tastes with sour notes, this will be a sensational smoke.

What Effects can you expect from Death Star?

At the top end, if grown with plenty of nutrients, you can yield 27 percent THC from this bud. This can make it a bud of “unlimited power” that is not ideal for novice smokers. Therefore, do not gleefully take several hits from a bong or tokes from a joint if you’re not used to very strong weed. That said, occasionally the THC levels can come down to about 14 percent depending on your source or how you grew it, which leads to a far less intense effect. We recommend going gentle with it until you fully realize the power of this Death Star, even if you know your stuff.

As an indica-dominant hybrid, the Death Star will permeate through your body and leave your muscles very relaxed. It’s an excellent strain for sending you to sleep or relieving you from stress after a tough day. As it will leave you stuck to the couch, it’s probably not ideal if you’re looking to get work done or go out to a nightclub.  Despite its relaxing properties, the sativa aspect of this weed will give you a clear focus and conversational aptitude. This is a weed to smoke in front of a movie with friends or before bed, alone or with your loved one, to help you sleep.

Overall, this is a fabulous tasting, pungent weed with a classic look. You get a superb mix of indica and sativa, and can experience your muscles feeling elastic and relaxed with a slight dose of euphoria to keep you soaking in the moment this bud provides. As your spaceship comes into land after a hard day’s work, you’ll whisper to this bud “I love you” and maybe it’ll whisper back “I know.”

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