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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Chernobyl strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

Chernobyl – the city in eastern Ukraine and site of the infamous reactor meltdown – has been a source of creative inspiration for many writers, artists and game-makers over the years. Culminating in the recent award-winning HBO series and now, most importantly, this marijuana strain by grow house Subcool’s The Dank.

Chernobyl is a creativity-inducing uplifting strain that’s excellent for getting some artistic work done and stretching out your imagination. It has euphoric, energetic effects and users report feeling sociable, engaged and ready for action after just a few drags on this compelling bud. This lively combo makes a good party-smoke for when you’re out on the town ripping it large.

What is the Origin of the Chernobyl Strain?

Subcool’s The Dank created this strain from a mixture of popular strains already on the market.

The Lineage Of Chernobyl

Subcool’s The Dank (formerly TGA genetics) bred Chernobyl starting with a Trainwreck seed they got from a grower called Smokescreen. They crossed that with some classic Trinity and then went even further and cross-pollinated that already impressive combo with Jack the Ripper to get this three-way mutant herb.

Chernobyl History

The pedigree gives this weed a firm foundation in some of the best quality breeds on the market. Considering it’s from Subcool’s The Dank in the first place – there’s certainly some heft behind this herb’s heritage.

How Is The Chernobyl Strain Grown?

If you’re looking to cultivate your own Chernobyl, it will require a moderate level of effort. It’s not a total beginner herb to grow but neither is it as difficult as some of the more advanced strains. Nevertheless, you will need some care and ideally an outdoor grow space. An outdoor grow space will not only boost your yield but will allow this plant to grow superb colas that make the plant look beautiful in your bowl.

Chernobyl is a female seed sex with a flowering time of around 8 to 9 weeks. Its yield is average in comparison to most but if you’re assiduous and careful with your pruning you can push that yield to above average. Chernobyl is a plant that gets unruly quick, so you’ll need to be deliberate and regular with your pruning in order to get the most out of your seeds. Thankfully, the leaf and bud structure of Chernobyl makes it particularly easy to trim compared to the other plants in your allotment.

Keep it at temperature between 68 and 90 degrees for the best yield and a healthier plant. When it comes to feeding, start it at 4ml of pH Perfect Sensi Grow A&B (or your equivalent) for week 1, up to 8ml for week 2 and 16 ml thereafter through the 4-week growth cycle and 8-week bloom cycle. During the grow cycle, go for 18 hours light and 6 hours dark, before switching to 12 hours and 12 hours thereafter when the plant begins to bloom.

For supplements: During the growth cycle use 8ml B-52 each week, with 8ml voodoo juice for the first two weeks.

Once it hits bloom, add 8ml voodoo choice in weeks 1 and 2, use 8ml Big Bud week 2 through 5, use B-52 for weeks 3 through 7 and – for the coup de grace – use 8ml Overdrive in weeks 6 and 7.

This complex supplemental nutrition cycle is not an absolute must to get some usable weed, but it will ensure you get the most out of your Chernobyl seeds.

8 – 9 weeks



Outdoor preferred, but indoor is possible

Physical Traits of the Chernobyl Strain

Chernobyl strain is a colorful, weighty sativa.

What Does Chernobyl Look Like?

Chernobyl is a very vibrantly colored strain. It has burning orange pistils and soft green calyxes. If grown correctly, the ambers are visible and bold. This is a pretty piece of sativa and one that certainly looks the part.

What Aroma Does Chernobyl Have?

Its smell is also very light, again a soft lemony aroma emanating from it that matches the taste. Although pleasant and soft, it is slightly underwhelming for those who like their herb to smother the senses and stretch the nostrils.

What flavors can you expect from Chernobyl?

Chernobyl is not the tastiest green. It has a citrusy lemon taste that is certainly appealing on a generic level, but the taste is neither that pronounced nor particularly unique. This bud has many qualities, but the taste is prosaic and dull and can be found on any factory-grade herb. A slight disappointment overall if you’re looking for weed that makes your taste buds tingle.

What Effects can you expect from Chernobyl?

Both the smell and taste contribute to a very smooth smoke. For some smokers, this is a plus. The gentleness of its drag means if you’re a heavy cougher or someone with a sensitive throat this bud will go down easy. Yet, for many it can feel a little underwhelming when they go for their hit. This is not the ideal smoke for those of you who like to feel the burn.

This makes it a strong herb that has the potential to be too intense for a casual user. The speed of thought and razor focus provided by this nuclear herb can panic some, but others will enjoy the mushroom-cloud rush.

It’s excellent for boosting a depressive mood, and the majority of medicinal users have said that taking it in the morning can help to relieve a groggy state, though some report auditory or visual distortions. Much like an unstable plutonium isotope, treat this bud with the due care and respect it deserves, lest it leave your mind a scarred, smoldering heap of ash having to be coated in concrete and left for a thousand years, i.e. it’s pretty powerful stuff.

This a very “uppy” weed. It’s not one you take for fading out on the sofa listening to music. Rather, you take this for the burst of energy you get. It augments and promotes creative work and if you’re depressed by nature and struggle with your energy levels, this is the kind of weed that will help you go about your tasks with energy and gusto. It promotes deep introspection and thoughts that run into one another. It’s the kind of strain variety that leads to pacing about whilst working out the mysteries of the universe — or perhaps deep thoughts about what really happened at the Chernobyl reactor all those years ago…

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