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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Charlie Sheen strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

He’s wild, he’s crazy, he’s powered by a mystical property known as tiger blood, but just what does Charlie Sheen really have to do with the marijuana industry exactly? Well, as it turns out, Sheen is somewhat of an avid toker himself, but he’s also entered into the business, and has recently (as of last April 2019) unveiled a new line of cannabis-laden THC vape pens called Sheenius. What seemed like an elaborate April Fools’ joke wasn’t one at all! However, the Charlie Sheen strain of marijuana really doesn’t have much to do with him at all except utilizing his name. That being said, does it represent the positively nuts actor in any way? Let’s find out more about the Charlie Sheen strain.

What is the Origin of the Charlie Sheen Strain?

At this date and time there are no commercial marijuana cultivators that have stepped up to the plate and declared the Charlie Sheen strain of bud as their own creation. It’s quite a difficult strain of pot to come by, and most of the time breeders from all kinds of backgrounds are going to have to find sources of the strain from already “sourced” plants in order to clone the Charlie Sheen strain in any kind of legitimate manner. It’s a shame for this strain to have such anonymity behind it, especially after being named by one of the most vibrant and larger-than-life stars in Hollywood!

The Lineage Of Charlie Sheen

The lineage of the Charlie Sheen strain is made up of three main weed strain backgrounds:

  • OG Kush: This is a highly euphoric and mesmerizing strain that is well-regarded in the West Coast region of the United States. Perfect for immersing yourself more “in the moment” with others, and opening your true self up to the world at large, which we all know Charlie is quite unafraid to do!
  • Green Crack: Now this is where the Charlie Sheen strain gets it’s real “tiger blood” energy from! Named somewhat infamously from the controversial rapper Snoop Dogg, the Green Crack strain both frees up and can energize both the mind and body at the same time. This is on par with highly caffeinated black coffee when making a comparison in the marijuana world! Intense, energetic and in your face like Charlie Sheen himself!
  • Blue Dream: This is a hybrid strain that is heavier on the Sativa side of things that has pretty high THC levels and also happens to smell, unsurprisingly, a lot like sweet blueberry-laden confections.

This unique mixture of strains allows for a really impactful and borderline “crazy” initial high, while tapering off down the line into something that is a lot more mellow and relaxed, ultimately probably like Charlie himself after a hard night’s worth of partying!

Charlie Sheen Strain History

The overall history of this strain is in question due to many individuals not knowing much about its ultimate origins. One that is somewhat clear is Charlie Sheen himself is aware of the strain utilizing his name, yet he’s never seen any sort of profit himself from the distribution of the insanely potent bud. This very fact, as mentioned above, is what led to Sheen developing his own THC product line so that he could properly capitalize off his laundry-list of antics and unmistakable Hollywood charm that the world at large knows him best for, but in a sleek and modern vape pen format!

How Is The Charlie Sheen Strain Grown?

Since this strain is nothing more than a clone at this point and time and there are no seeds that are for purchase on any sort of official level. Actually being able to grow the Charlie Sheen strain is going to be something of a difficult process unless you are an “in the know” grower and have the proper channels to find some of the cloned plants. With that being said, if you come into ownership of robust clippings of a Charlie Sheen strain plant, you at least have the option of being able to grow them either indoors or outdoors.

When grown indoors, the Charlie Sheen strain’s flowering can run you around 9-10 weeks with an average yield per plant. These yields average out to around 12-16oz per square meter.

The absolute ideal situation however, is to grow these kinds of plants in a safe outdoor area, where the middle of October is optimal for the Charlie Sheen strain. There the yield potentials are much higher, generally starting out around 16oz/plant. Just be aware that if you are growing these plants outdoors, make sure you live in a relatively humid climate, otherwise, when it comes to freezing temperatures, the Charlie Sheen strain will not flourish in the least.

Charlie Sheen Cultivation Details:

9-10 Weeks Indoors
Mid-October Outdoors




Physical Traits of the Charlie Sheen Strain

Does the Charlie Sheen strain look as outrageous and insane as the guy it’s named after acts?

What Does Charlie Sheen Look Like?

The flowers on the Charlie Sheen strain are Hollywood-huge and vaguely cone-shaped with lovely dark-green leaves that separate easily from the stem. Occasionally you might see lightly-colored purple areas on this bud due to cold-weather treatment and low levels of chlorophyll in that particular crop of this bud. Silver inner/outer trichrome structures pepper the buds, giving them an extra “sheen” of glorious color to an already vibrant and beautiful mix.

What Aroma Does Charlie Sheen Have?

When it comes to aroma, the Charlie Sheen strain is as citrus as you can possibly get. Some individuals even claim that it can smell like a more “off” sort of citrus that you would commonly smell in household cleaning products! On top of the citrus, there are even hints of sugary-sweet cotton candy added to the mix.

What flavors can you expect from Charlie Sheen?

There’s a somewhat distinct “tropical bonanza” taste that comes from smoking this extremely potent herb. Like a lot of strains of pot, you have earth-like undertones, however the taste that can end up on the back of your palate after an extended drag is almost mango-flavoured in its delivery.  It’s a little bit of sweet, and a little bit of neutral earth tones with each drag.

What Effects can you expect from Charlie Sheen?

The start of your Charlie Sheen strain experience is mostly going to be something along the lines of a high-energy session. It’s buzzy and will ultimately lead to euphoria. In the process, users end up feeling extremely social and chatty, which when mixed with the requisite euphoric qualities of its OG Kush lineage can make for some really significant times, with friends, family, and other significant people important to your life. As the night goes on, you get more of a heavy sort of body high, that is perfect for an end of the night cap-off to any festivities.

Possibly one of the more major “downsides” to the Charlie Sheen strain of bud is its high levels of THC content. You can potentially have levels of THC up to 24% which can easily bomb out some of the individuals that take hits of this strong herb.  In some cases, however, that might be just what the doctor ordered! Your mileage may vary, but it’s safe to say that no one should be taking this strain to excess!

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