Lemon Sour Diesel

Created by Green Lantern Seeds, Lemon Sour Diesel (or Lemon Diesel as it’s sometimes known) was created by crossing two of the most popular strains to create a sativa dominant hybrid with 20% indica, 70% sativa.

Ice Cream

A two-time Cannabis Cup Award winner, the Sativa-dominant strain called Ice Cream was first introduced by Amsterdam’s Paradise Seeds in 2008. This quick-growing strain quickly became a favorite for its potency and stress-busting effects.

Birthday Cake

“What’s that delicious smell?” is a reasonable question for curious onlookers to ask after a fresh nugget of Birthday Cake is lit. Otherwise known as Wedding Cake or Pink Cookies, this delectable strain offers a burst of flavours and sensations.

Master Kush

As the name implies, Master Kush, originally known as “High Rise”, is a strong hybrid whose parent strains hail from the Hindu Kush region. Master Kush is also one of the most popular of all the Kush hybrids.

Lemon Kush

Unlike many hybrid cannabis strains that are derived from a specific combination of existing strains, Lemon Kush comes with a lot of variations. That said, Lemon Kush is a high-THC and CBD hybrid, with genetics from both sativa and indica plants.

King Tut

The King Tut strain (sometimes referred to as “Tutankhamun”) is a popular strain of cannabis that has Western European roots. Many recreational and medical users choose the King Tut strain over others for its uplifting and energizing effects. Originally created in Spain by Pyramid Seeds, King Tut is a high-THC derivation of the AK-47 strain.


ATF (also known as Alaskan Thunderfuck) is an interesting hybrid strain that has the capacity to create an instant high, each and every time… perfect for “those” sorts of moments where you need to relax now as opposed to later. This popular strain variety has some mystery behind its history, however, and has a very interesting lineage to it.

Alien OG

Alien OG is a resinous, citrusy, Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with high levels of THC that produces balanced cerebral stimulation alongside impressive mood-boosting effects.

Acapulco Gold

Every self-proclaimed aficionado has the ‘been there, done that’ air (or smoke) about them, but every so often, you come across a rarity. Acapulco Gold is a strain legendary for its golden tinge. Its distinctive greenish-brown buds with a light yellowish hue make this strain unmistakeable – and well-known, for a good reason.


Trainwreck is a Sativa strain of cannabis that is named for its intensity, as many users report that it “hits you like a freight train.” Trainwreck has average THC levels and produces a heady, cerebral high that can be found to be both strong and euphoric.