The 2019 Supreme Gift Guide

Here at the Supreme Team we love cannabis. Shocking, right? So, what we thought we would do is provide you a list of our favourite Supreme Team products from across our world-class brands and partners. No matter the holiday occasion, we’ve got the goods for you.

INTERVIEW: Making Edibles with The Wellness Soldier

Craving for a cannabis treat for the holiday season, but don’t want to wait until edible products can be purchased in store? You can make your own at home. We are here to teach you how with cannabis cooking legend, The Wellness Soldier.  


How to Grow at Home: Step-By-Step

Now that you have sourced all of your starting materials, necessary equipment and have prepared your tent/converted room/outdoor area, it is time to get growing. Here is the step-by-step process to turn your cannabis seeds or seedlings into successful mature plants.


How To Grow Cannabis At Home: Getting Started

Before you embark on the journey of growing your own cannabis, there are a few things to take into consideration. Growing cannabis, even at a small scale, takes a large amount of attention, time and resources to pull off successfully.


Cannabis 2.0: The Next Wave of Legalization.

Last October, Canada made history by becoming the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis for adult-use. The products made available through this regulation were fresh and dried cannabis flower, plants, seeds and oils.

Jack Haze

Jack Haze – 7ACRES’ Newest Cultivar

We are excited to introduce 7ACRES’ newest cultivar, Jack Haze. Cannabis enthusiasts have come to know 7ACRES for producing the highest quality strains and Jack Haze is no exception. The first new strain since legalization…