Hiway is a hi-quality, hi-value brand committed to simplifying your cannabis purchase. Cannabis consumers have been around for a long time and know exactly what they want; a no-fuss product they can trust. They value the relationship they have built with their “guy” but are slowly migrating to the formal market in search of convenience, quality assurance, and fair prices.

Hiway offers consistent, reliable quality so you know what to expect. Its products come in a variety of formats and are lab tested, so you’re never second guessing. It’ll always be there when you need us, available from your favourite cannabis retailers across Canada.

Hi-Quality, Hi-Value.

With its first product to market, Hiway hash will bring you back to a simpler time when hash was king. This solventless concentrate is made by compressing dry sift kief from our trichome dense, whole plant hang dried cannabis.

The result is a beautiful brick of blonde hash that is cut into 2g pieces and packaged with care.

Craft Collective

7ACRES Craft Collective brings together some of the most sought-after cultivars, with a focus on high THC and exceptional quality, from the country’s most talented craft producers. With every drop, Craft Collective will issue small batches of craft cannabis, hand selected for specific provinces based on the preferences and unique tastes of cannabis consumers.