Cambium Plant Sciences

In 2019, Supreme Cannabis launched Cambium Plant Sciences, located in Goderich, Ontario. Cambium is leading the cannabis agricultural revolution through the development and licensing of the next generation cannabis plant genetics and cultivation IP.

With the systematic application of research, technology and science, Cambium will focus on developing the next generation of premium cannabis genetics for recreational, medical and wellness applications. Cambium’s innovative mission is to supply agriculturally-focused, disease resistant, premium seed stock to the rapidly growing global cannabis market.

Leading the Cannabis Revolution

Leading Cambium as General Manager is Dr. Alan Darlington, PhD. Dr. Darlington joined Supreme Cannabis’ wholly-owned subsidiary, 7ACRES as the Director of Special Projects, where he has been successful in improving the agricultural performance of 7ACRES’ award winning genetics. Dr. Darlington holds a PhD from the University of Guelph in greenhouse systems and has over 30 years of experience leading and working with diverse multidisciplinary teams to develop plant-based IP.

Cannabis has not yet had the benefit of the agricultural revolution that transformed commercial agriculture on a global scale over the past century. Cambium will play a leading role in advancing the cannabis industry by revolutionizing strain development to enhance the broader industry’s outputs.”

Dr. Alan Darlington