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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Birthday Cake strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

“What’s that delicious smell?” is a reasonable question for curious onlookers to ask after a fresh nugget of Birthday Cake is lit. Otherwise known as Wedding Cake or Pink Cookies, this delectable strain offers a burst of flavours and sensations.

You’ve probably heard of its parents — Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Together, they’ve formed a powerful crossover that’s quickly becoming a big name in the cannabis sector. We can picture them shedding a single tear in pride of what their little baby has grown into.

The appearance of Birthday Cake’s buds is impressive; their rich, green bodies are flecked with orange hairs and coated in trichomes. Some batches may show light hues of purple; if you’re lucky enough, you might even see a reflection of blue in there. Judging the flowers by appearance alone, you can almost anticipate the myriad of effects and flavours they contain.

Birthed from two scrumptious parent strains, it only makes sense for Birthday Cake to offer a vibrant flavour palette. Its terpenes run the gamut from peppery to herbal, with a strong citrus kick in between.

Though it’s a 50/50 hybrid, the effects of this strain lean toward the Indica end of the spectrum. The experience begins with a surge of euphoria that blends neatly into relaxation and eventually hunger — obviously.

THC levels range anywhere from 16% to 25%. Stronger batches are definitely best left to veteran partakers. For those looking for pain treatment, Birthday Cake provides relief from symptoms of insomnia, chronic pain, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms and inflammation.

Let’s dig a little deeper and see what secrets lie in this variety.

What is the Origin of the Birthday Cake Strain?

The Lineage Of Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake’s immediate parents are Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Girl Scout Cookies is formed by breeding OG Kush (a hybrid of Hindu Kush and Chemdawg) with Durban Poison, a pure strain of African origin. Cherry Pie is a mix of Granddaddy Purple (a hybrid of Big Bud and Purple Urkle) with Durban Poison.

Birthday Cake History

While its lineage has been successfully mapped, the overall progression of the Birthday Cake strain remains a mystery. While it’s hard to track the beginning of its prominence in cannabis society, it’s safe to say that it’s now an established and quickly growing strain. The powerful kick is satisfying for veteran level partakers, and its unique flavour palette makes it stand out amid its more established siblings. Our projection is that Birthday Cake will only become more of a household name as cannabis culture continues to grow.

How Is The Birthday Cake Strain Grown?

8 weeks


16 ounces / square meter


Physical Traits of the Birthday Cake Strain

What Does Birthday Cake Look Like?

Although there are more colorful and sporadic buds out there, Birthday Cake is definitely quite pretty to look at. You can easily tell the strain apart by its large flowers and dense, spherical nuggets. The tight curl at the leaves’ ends point toward its slight Indica dominance. The heavy trichome layer at the surface indicates the potency contained within. Indeed, it’s hard to notice the deep green leaves through all the crystals laden over them. The leaves look like they’ve been dipped in frosting, which fits the strain’s name quite well. As delicious as things seem at this stage, we definitely don’t recommend eating the buds. Preparing them for proper consumption is sticky business, but there’s a great reward waiting at the end of your hard work

What Aroma Does Birthday Cake Have?

When ground, the aroma of birthday cake expands and fills the room, so it’s definitely not the strain for those looking to partake in “Incognito Mode”. A batch that’s been adequately cured will have an almost vegetal smell underlying the vibrant top layers. Said top layers are unmistakably spicy, and the citrus accents help make a bright impression. Anyone with an especially detailed sense of smell might pick up on the vanilla core embedded in the herb, though this becomes much more apparent as it combusts.

What flavors can you expect from Birthday Cake?

When lit, the high frequencies condensed in the bud’s aroma come to life in a brilliant way. As the name suggests, Birthday Cake is a truly delicious strain. The sweet, spicy flavours activate immediately upon the inhale, then coalesce into a creamy, cakey exhaling breath. Once all the smoke is blown out, a stark vanilla aftertaste will linger.

The intake of smoke is strong enough that it might feel acrid to inexperienced users or those who prefer lighter strains. However, smokers who have been around the block will welcome the unique taste. The overall experience is such a mouthful, you might feel like you’re eating actual birthday cake, but you’re really only smoking it.

What Effects can you expect from Birthday Cake?

Some strains ease the user into their unique experience, taking some time to unveil their layers. However, that isn’t the case here. Birthday Cake’s high doesn’t give you any sort of head start to collect your bearings. Instead, the effects begin to manifest almost immediately. Strap on your seat belt and make sure your helmet is on tight because you’re in for a wild, tasty ride.

The initial wave of sensations is energetic, euphoric and mostly felt in the mind. The body buzz will only activate later on. At this point, it’s normal to feel as though your thoughts are quickening in pace. You’ll experience a more intimate connection with your surroundings — suddenly, you’ll find yourself noticing acute details that you haven’t picked up on before. This onset of clarity makes Birthday Cake ideal in a number of scenarios, whether watching a movie you’ve been looking forward to or kicking back with some friends over the weekend.

Of course, since the strain is slightly Indica dominant, let’s not forget the second part of its effects. After an hour or so, you’ll be in the Indica phase of the Birthday Cake high. Experienced smokers will enjoy the smooth sense of relaxation here. It’s a heavy corporal feeling, but extremely pleasant, affecting the body from the top of the head down to the extremities of the limbs.

Every strain is unique, and Birthday Cake is no exception. What’s noteworthy in this case is that, even in its low energy second phase, the Birthday Cake high still retains its mental stimulation. While the body is slumped over and melted into the furniture, the mind is still busy making connections. If you’re willing to give your body a bit of a push off the couch, you’ll find it easy to transition to more productive activities like creating art or cooking a birthday cake.

A sweeping sense of hunger will soon follow, as it usually does. The “munchies” aspect might be enhanced in this strain compared to others since the unique taste that comes with smoking it will likely leave you craving actual birthday cake. Thankfully, there’s no shame in stopping by your local supermarket to end the night off with some actual birthday cake, even if it isn’t your birthday. We won’t judge.

Overall, the effects of Birthday Cake come off quite strong and linger for a while. That’s why we won’t recommend it to those without a decent amount of experience using cannabis. While it has a lot to offer a veteran, the package of sensations might be too much for beginners to process. The initial onset of the effects might overload the senses, and the sedative progression will make a novice one with the sofa. So, if you’re a beginner, it’s best to save this strain for one of your birthday parties a few years down the line. Instead, opt for one of the countless other, more modest strains that inexperienced users can get their feet wet with.

That said, there are plenty of potential benefits for medical cannabis patients that come with Birthday Cake’s inherent strength. Improved levels of clarity associated with its use can be applied to try and help patients with attention deficit disorders who need help focusing on their tasks. In the same vein, those suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression may notice a greater connection to the present moment by experiencing the increased perceptive abilities the strain offers. Patients suffering from physical pain may feel a gradual sense of relief as the waves of sedative effects activate throughout the experience. If the dose is high enough, insomnia patients can expect some relief from their sleep deprivation. Last but not least, those suffering from the loss of appetite due to disease or medical treatment may benefit from the strain’s powerful appetite-stimulating properties.

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