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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Banana Kush strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

With cannabis being legalized in more and more states, and with federal legalization looming, you have more choices than ever as to what kind of plant you have available to you. In this article, we’ll take a close look at the Banana Kush strain.

What is the Origin of the Banana Kush Strain?

There are two competing origin stories for this strain of marijuana. Since nobody knows which one is true, we’ll present both of them to you and let you decide which one to believe.

Origin Story # 1: Male Banana+OG Kush= Banana Kush

Yes, you read that correctly. The first origin story for this strain of cannabis involves an actual banana. Considering how much this plant smells and tastes like bananas, it really isn’t that much of a stretch, but there is just something so stereotypical about the idea of someone having the bright idea to cross a banana and a cannabis plant that it is also easy to dismiss.

Origin Story # 2: Ghost OG+Skunk Haze= Banana Kush

The second origin story sounds more feasible practically, albeit very lucky. While growers love crossing strains, there’s no way that whoever crossed these two could know that it would wind up smelling and tasting like bananas, could they?

The Lineage Of Banana Kush

Depending on who you believe, Banana Kush is either a hybrid of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze, or OG Kush grown with male banana seeds.

Banana Kush History

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation either way. The first origin story is that of the growers at Cali Kush, and the second belongs to the growers at Crockett Farms.

What we do know is that Banana Kush is very representative of other Kush plants. It has a calming effect that boosts creativity and may even be a boon for your conversational abilities. Just don’t expect to get off the couch anytime soon. In fact, most agree that this is a strain of cannabis that needs to be taken with caution considering its potency. If for some reason this strain of cannabis isn’t potent enough for you, you can look toward the AK Banana, which can have up to a 29% THC content. That’s pretty bananas.

How Is The Banana Kush Strain Grown?

Banana Kush is known for being hard to grow but keeps rising in popularity. To grow this plant, you will need three feminized seeds.

This is a strain that is mostly grown inside because it needs to have a consistent climate. While this is an Indica dominant plant, growers shouldn’t be surprised when this grows as high as some sativa strains and should plan accordingly. This plant thrives when grown hydroponically. Flowering can be expected between 8 and 9 weeks. Once flowered, growers should expect to harvest between 550 to 700 grams from this plant.

Banana Kush can be grown outside, there are just few climates that are consistent enough to do it. This might explain why this is such a popular strain of cannabis on the West Coast. The weather of southern California is perfect for growing Banana Kush. Plants grown outdoors can expect to yield just a little bit more. When grown this way, harvest usually happens in early October.

8-9 weeks


550-700 grams/plant

Indoors (or Southern California outside)

What Does Banana Kush Look Like?

Banana Kush is a light neon green plant that quite literally glistens when you look at it. Because of the high THC content, the crystalized coat is heavier than most. Underneath all of the shine are other vibrant colors, such as oranges and yellows. This strain looks like you wouldn’t be surprised to find something this majestic is the Great Barrier Reef! One bud of this is leafy, but still maintains a nice cone shape. It is perfectly in the middle of dense and loose, or, in other words, it is just right.

What Aroma Does Banana Kush Have?

This might come as a shock, so you ought to brace yourself; Banana Kush smells like… bananas. The aroma of this strain of cannabis is incredibly pleasant, and we should amend what we just wrote. Banana Kush smells more like banana bread than just straight up bananas. There is also an element of pine in there, while still maintaining some of the skunk most strains of cannabis have.

What flavors can you expect from Banana Kush?

This one is also going to shock you. Banana Kush tastes like… bananas! Actually, it is much more nuanced than that. In fact, it is a bit hard to tell if it tastes like bananas, or if the aroma of bananas is so influential that colors your taste buds. There is a mossy/earthy flavour that sits nicely atop notes of strawberry. This is still a pungent plant, but not so much that it masks the natural sweetness of the strain.

Along with taste, or partly because of it, this is an easy smoking experience. There’s a reason why this is one of the top 5 best-selling strains on the West Coast, and why so many call it their favorite. The smoke produced from this plant won’t choke you, even when imbibed in more than generously. Many regard this as one of the best tasting, most pleasant smoking experiences you can have.

What Effects can you expect from Banana Kush?

Along with its wonderful taste and aroma, Banana Kush is also lauded for the wonderful way it will make you feel. This strain is wonderful for boosting creativity or adding a little fuel to a conversational fire. Your body will almost immediately relax, though you will be susceptible to what some call “couch lock.” We’ll get into that more in a second.

There are other things you can expect as well. Those taking this in high doses have reported feelings of euphoria, while immediately feeling uplifted.

We’ll also mention again that, even though this is a mellow plant, you ought to pace yourself with it, because it packs quite the wallop. There’s a reason people say that it is so bananas (you know we had to one more time *wink*).

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