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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Alien OG strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more. Alien OG is a resinous, citrusy, Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with high levels of THC that produces balanced cerebral stimulation alongside impressive mood-boosting effects.

What is the Origin of the Alien OG Strain?

The Lineage Of Alien OG

Alien OG is an F1 hybrid of a male spacey, psychedelic, and energizing Alien Kush (itself a cross of Las Vegas Purple Kush and Alien Dawg) and a relaxing female Tahoe OG Kush (a phenotype of OG Kush).

Alien OG History

The strain was developed by The Cali Connection with the goal of combining the pine and lemon flavours of Alien Kush, one of their most famous and most popular strains, with the larger yield, quicker flowering time, and body load of Tahoe OG Kush.

How is the Alien OG strain grown?

8-10 weeks


11-13 ounces/plant

Outdoor is best, but Alien OG can be grown in an optimally controlled indoor environment 

Physical Traits of the Alien OG Strain

What Does Alien OG Look Like?

Alien OG has compact, densely clustered buds that are a deep green colour accented with incredibly long twisted orange pistils that are its most immediately recognizable feature. Properly grown flowers of this strain should have a frosty, visibly sticky appearance due to their sky-high THC levels, with especially high-grade examples looking almost as if they were misted with water.

What Aroma Does Alien OG Have?

This strain’s cured flowers give off a powerful pungent skunkiness with a strong citrus scent and hints of earth and pine. The smell is strong enough to fill the room when ground, but its surprisingly sweet and complex odor is pleasant and enticing. Once smoked, the incense-like spicy aroma of Alien OG’s smoke is quite noticeable and tends to linger.

What flavours can you expect from Alien OG?

The sweet lemon and orange zest notes that can be smelled in Alien OG flower become even more pronounced as flavours when combusted. This forefront of citrus is backed by a base taste of hash and pine. Alien OG is smooth on the exhale, and its smoke has a pleasant hint of wood and spice flavours that resembles nag champa incense. Though full-flavoured, the flavours of this strain are complex and layered enough that long sessions won’t become as cloying or tiresome as they might with a strain that only has a single dominant flavour note.

What Effects can you expect from Alien OG?

Alien OG has out of this world psychoactive effects that live up to its name. It is known to have a very rapid onset, with its high THC levels becoming noticeable in just a few minutes. The earliest effects you’ll experience are typically an almost imperceptible mental clarity, followed by a sense of calmness and mental stimulation. As you continue to consume Alien OG you’ll experience a fairly balanced set of cognitive and physical effects, the magnitude of which will be heavily dose-dependent.

Alien OG has next to no CBD content, so you won’t get any of the hallmark effects that come with that popular cannabinoid. That being said, there is a fair amount of crossover between the effects of THC and CBD, so Alien OG doesn’t really suffer for its low percentage of CBD.

In small doses, Alien OG is primarily cerebral and calming. The strain is stimulating, and should boost creativity and open-mindedness without causing your thoughts to race out of control. You should notice a focused headspace that leaves you feeling clear and perceptive. Unless your tolerance is exceptionally low, the mental clarity gained by consuming small amounts of Alien OG shouldn’t be dragged down by tiredness, racing thoughts, thought loops, or anxiety.

Low doses of Alien OG are perfect for breaking old thought patterns and inducing a sense of creativity, making it an excellent strain for morning and afternoon use. In addition to these desirable cognitive effects, you might experience mild annoyances like a dry mouth and a feeling of heaviness behind the eyes. Despite these side effects, the strain shouldn’t have any significant negative effects when used in moderation.

Slightly larger amounts of Alien OG will add a sense of euphoria to its earlier effects. Stress and anxiety should begin to melt away. You’ll start to feel uplifted with a buzzing excitement, yet still grounded and calm. A slight yet perceptible bodily relaxation will accompany your mental calmness, but shouldn’t extend to lethargy at this stage.

This relaxation can sometimes transform into a lazy, stoned body high following high doses, but typical amounts of Alien OG shouldn’t completely incapacitate or couch lock you like a heavier Indica might. The amount of THC in the strain means that consuming enough Alien OG will have sedating effects, just like any other strain, but the strain-specific effects of Alien OG will ensure that you experience its desirable cognitive effects first.

In high enough quantities, psychedelic effects can emerge. Visual distortions, increased appreciation of music, and losing track of time are especially common. The vague body high that emerges in slightly smaller dosages will increase in magnitude as well, making long sessions with Alien OG an effective way to reduce chronic aches and pains.

The proper setting can also effectively ensure that you’re getting the most out of Alien OG. If you’re looking for a slight boost in mood, engaging in creative work, or for increased mental stimulation, stick to relatively low doses. The anxiety-reducing effects of the strain are best felt at moderate doses. If you plan on using a lot of Alien OG, be sure to stick to a place you’re comfortable with, enjoy the strain by yourself or with a few close friends, and avoid stressful situations. There will always be a potential for negative side effects when dealing with high-THC strains like Alien OG, but the risk can be reduced by consuming the right amount in the right environment with the right frame of mind.

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