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This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the ACDC strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

ACDC… what sort of images does that particular acronym bring up in your mind? Some people might immediately consider the turbo-charged Australian blues-rock group that’s remained highly popular since the middle 1970s. Some technical-minded individuals might automatically think that it is referencing the electrical properties of alternating and direct energy currents. There’s even a subset of fairly recent sorts of folks who utilize the term to mean “ambidextrous” or even pertaining to androgyny! What does any of this have to do with the ACDC strain of marijuana? Maybe nothing, but let’s find out more below.

What is the Origin of the ACDC Strain?

Predominantly known to be produced by two companies, Resin Seeds and NorStar Genetics, the ACDC strain of marijuana is a Sativa-dominant plant that has the capacity to grow in a similar manner to Golden Goat and Sweet Sweet strains of bud. The most distinctive trait about the ACDC strain, and why it matters so much, is because it happens to be an extremely potent source of CBD as opposed to THC content. This actually makes the ACDC strain more of a therapeutic avenue to walk down as opposed to more psychotropic/intense sources of marijuana.

Needless to say, if you’re looking for an exciting time with a piece of bud, this isn’t really the strain for you, but if you look more towards the health/stress-related benefits that marijuana can provide for you minus the heavy and/or trippy effects that come with higher THC content, well then this is probably an excellent choice for you.

The Lineage Of the ACDC Strain

The ACDC strain’s ultimate lineage can be traced back to something called the Cannatonic strain. The Cannatonic strain that ended up in the crafting of what became ACDC was specifically chosen because it had less THC content than other Cannatonic phenotypes. Those isolated, CBD-rich Cannatonic strains were then merged with a Ruderalis strain, yet another strain of weed that has relatively low THC content. This, ultimately, ended up making the ACDC blend into a 50/50 Sativa/Indica hybrid while hardly even resembling Cannatonic anymore, which is quite a feat.

ACDC Strain History

This strain is already famous for being known to be one of the best medicinal marijuana varieties out there along with being the least mind-altering at the same time. This is a highly relevant and positive trait when it comes to the medical marijuana industry and the treatment of various diseases and ailments, and it was grown and bred since its beginnings to be as helpful as possible for people that are truly dealing with terrible medical issues. Additionally, the ACDC strain is well known in the industry for being the recipient of a Cannabis Cup award, as well.

How Is The ACDC Strain Grown?

This plant can be grown inside as well as outside. It can grow a grand total of 4 feet at its apex, which puts it in the realm of being of average height, so indoor growers won’t need to be concerned when it comes to having enough ceiling room with growing the ACDC strain.

One thing cultivators will have a problem with, however, is the overall difficulty level trying to get this strain to grow in the first place. Sort of like tomato plants, the ACDC plant needs something akin to a trellis or some other alternative platform system so that it can grow in a proper manner while cultivating a firm, tough branch/stalk structure.

Something called the Sea of Green methodology can be utilized best for the ACDC strain. This is basically when you utilize a very small area of space with thick swaths of small breeds of marijuana plants, creating a literal sea of green. This both increases the efficiency of whatever lighting scheme you have as well as makes the best use of whatever limited space you might be encountering in the growing process of this variety.

It should be noted that the ACDC plants don’t deal well with illnesses, and can wither away to nothing fast unless one is steadfast in their cultivation process. Additional amounts of magnesium/calcium are highly recommended for this strain. Love this strain with intent, and they’ll love you back with a healthy harvest!

Despite them being able to grow in both inside and outside areas, the ACDC strain absolutely thrives inside far better. It’s simply much easier to take care of these plants if they’re in a controlled environment as opposed to the sometimes chaotic whims of the weather outside. Because of this, indoor crop yields can give you up to 16oz per plant, whereas outside harvests generally provide up to 14oz per square meter. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor crop,  they both take around 9 to 10 weeks to flower regardless of the location.

9-10 weeks



Indoor and Outdoor

Physical Traits of the ACDC Strain

Remember how we were speculating about the meaning of the ACDC name at the beginning of this article? We tend to think the physique of the bud gives away some pretty strong clues!

What Does ACDC Look Like?

This strain has an “electrifying” light green/yellow hue interspersed with fiery slivers of orange all through its frame. This bud, however, doesn’t really shine visually like others due to the absence of THC in the plant, which is why some discerning individuals might notice an absence of the glazed, frosted-sugar look leaves on other bud types might have.

What Aroma Does ACDC Have?

Earth tones, tangy citrus, and some small hits of spice make up the scent profile of the ACDC strain of bud. It doesn’t really seem to smell like how you think based on how it looks.

What flavors can you expect from the ACDC Strain?

The flavour of the smoke is going to be pretty similar to the aesthetics of the bud. Earthy, with hints of spice and citrus. Many tokers swear that the most distinct flavours that are going to pop out at you are cherry and lemongrass. Refreshing!

What Effects can you expect from the ACDC Strain?

As stated before, this isn’t going to be your go-to strain of marijuana merely to just get high, so don’t pop out the Cheetos and the Pink Floyd just yet! This strain works well for total body relaxation along with enhancing one’s focus for activities that require peak concentration. This is the perfect end of the day bud that doesn’t impair you mentally in such a way that you become overly talkative or hyperactive.

It is especially good for folks that are looking to release a considerable amount of muscle tension gathered through the day, either from job-related stress or from pre-existing physical maladies that make such tension in the body more pronounced than a fully healthy human being.

Now, while it’s true there is a lack of THC in this strain as opposed to many other bud varieties out there, there still is a certain amount within it, and it can potentially promote some level of euphoria in its users. Just don’t expect to be relocated to cloud nine or some other beyond-earth state of mind as that is not what the ACDC strain is intended for.

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