Cannabis Opportunity

A golden opportunity grown in Canada.

Canada leads the global trend to legalize and regulate medical and recreational cannabis. This gives us a rare opportunity to capture and build global market share. It’s like the opportunity seized by the first US brewers at the end of a 13-year prohibition, only cannabis has been globally prohibited for nearly a century.

In 2017, the Canadian government introduced the Cannabis Act to legalize recreational cannabis. Expected to be in effect by July 2018, this Act will make Canada the first G7 nation to legalize cannabis for recreational use. This is in addition to Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, which created world-leading benchmarks for commercial production of medical cannabis. There’s very little infrastructure or experience outside of Canada, creating a huge opportunity for Supreme to leverage our competitive advantage.

Today, Canada is one of the only countries where licensed cannabis production is 100% legal and federally regulated. It is a multi-billion dollar industry in Canada alone, with only a tiny portion served by legal companies. As legal cannabis continues to take hold at home and abroad, Supreme will be there.