Michael La Brier, Chairman

Successful Toronto Real Estate Developer. Former President of Canderel Stoneride and Director of Primaris REIT.

John Fowler, President and CEO

John began working in the medical marijuana sector over ten years ago. He pursued a career in law to assist medical marijuana patients with legal challenges relating to access, employment and tenancies. This culminated in 2013 when John assisted with R v. Mernagh at the Ontario Court of Appeal. John is committed to providing Canadians access to high-quality, low-cost medical marijuana and working with the medical community to improve physician education and support for medical marijuana.

Scott Walters, Director

Leading Figure in the emerging marijuana industry. Former Investment Banker and Hedge Fund Manager.

Navdeep Dhaliwal, CFO

Nav joined Supreme to apply his experience in capital markets, early stage companies and management technologies. Prior to Supreme, Nav has been involved in successful technology technology start-ups, the renewable and clean energy sectors, and has experience in merchant banking and the commodities trade. Nav brings a strong passion for the plant, a belief in the power of technology to drive operating efficiencies and a wealth of capital markets experience.

Ron Factor, Director

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