7ACRE’s 342,000 sq. ft. Hybrid Greenhouse is the first of its kind: combining the best aspects of indoor marijuana cultivation with the economies of greenhouse production into a single large-format facility. Utilizing technology and modular design, Supreme will produce high quality marijuana at an attractive cost of production. Concentration of production in a single facility reduces management, operational and regulatory overhead compared to the increased overhead of multi-facility operations.

342,000 sq. ft. is the equivalent of 7ACRES and approximately 6 NFL football fields. Our Greenhouse is wholly owned and sits on 16 acres of land in the Bruce Energy Centre.

At full capacity, the Hybrid greenhouse will be capable of producing over 50,000,000 grams per annum of output. Currently, the facility is a 342,000 sq. ft. existing structure that is being built out in a phased model to match market demand. Our next phase of growth, Phase 1, is currently being built and will bring on an additional 80,000 sq. ft. of production space, specifically for growing, in addition to the 40,000 sq. ft. that is currently operational.

Benefits of Hybrid:

  • Low cost of production
  • High Quality Product
  • Low Crop Failure Risk
  • Low facility build cost

Modular Design:

  • Increases production efficiencies through individualized climate control
  • Reduces risk of crop loss through compartmentalization. At full capacity, we expect to have 29 X 10,000 sq. ft. grow rooms
  • Modular design allows for split between medical and recreational production
  • Alternative business models available including “room rentals” and custom contract cultivation

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