The 7ACRES Story

Homegrown, with care.

7ACRES was born from a bond between father and daughter. The seed of 7ACRES was planted when Peter Herburger began cultivating medical cannabis for his daughter Sarah, who struggled with chronic pain. When Canada moved to create regulated commercial cannabis under the ACMPR they immediately saw opportunity.

Ever since 7ACRES was federally licensed to produce on March 11, 2016, we’ve been passionately pursuing our mission to become the leading global cultivator of cannabis.

The 7ACRES Mission

Craft quality, commercial scale.

We believe high quantity cultivation is nothing without great quality. Our state-of-the-art greenhouse, technology, and careful cultivation practices were developed to allow 7ACRES grow high-quality cannabis sustainably and at scale.

Our passion for the plant and pursuit of continuous growth through research and innovation are what’s driving 7ACRES to the top. As leaders in our industry, we are committed to growing and leveraging our expertise to push the entire industry forward.

The 7ACRES Greenhouse

Where science meets sun.

7ACRES’ one-of-a-kind hybrid greenhouse is proudly rooted in Kincardine, Ontario. Inside the 340,000-square foot facility, we grow consistently high-quality plants by combining the best practices in indoor cannabis cultivation with the power of the sun. The result is indoor-quality buds with sun-grown characteristics.

7ACRES is the largest facility of its kind to grow with advanced HVAC and C02 enrichment using the full-spectrum sun, rather than the limited-spectrum lamps used by many ‘hybrid’ growers. This advantage has allowed us to emerge as leaders in growing a craft quality product at consumer scale.

The 7ACRES Model

Our strength is our product.

7ACRES is the only licensed producer focused on cultivating craft quality cannabis at commercial scale. The high quality of our product has made us leaders in mass cultivation and has allowed us to emerge as Canada’s first B2B producer.

This model lets us focus on our pursuit of the best cultivation practices and plants without the need to invest in packaging, retail, physician education, or clinics. We believe this supplier/distributer/retailer model is what the future of the cannabis industry looks like. And we were there first.